100-Yr-Old WWII Vet Gets A Birthday Card From Someone Special, He Couldn’t Stop The Tears

birthday card

A few months ago, WWII veteran Ike Fabela said to his family that would like to receive 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday.

Shortly after saying that, his wish circulated quickly on social media as Twitter accounts with huge followings contributed to help Ike’s wish come true.

Military Support, with more than 425K followers, sought their fans to send Ike a 100th birthday card:


Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, who has more than 6 million followers, asked his fans to send a card to this special WWII vet and help him celebrate his 100th birthday.

A whole Facebook page is devoted to Ike and to his wish to get 100 birthday card for his 100th birthday.

The grand total (for now) has gone beyond 50,000 cards and gifts for Ike.

However, there was one card that would make his birthday even more special than all the previous ones.

Watch, as Ike gets emotional when he opens a card and realizes it’s from our Commander in Chief:

The Trump News Gazette



  1. Donald Trump, back before he was President, did many things for people over the decades, that went mostly unreported – and the ones we know about are because the recipients of that kindness came forth. Mr Trump didn’t tout his kindnesses.

    After Hussein unceremoniously ended our presence in Iraq (against the insistence and begging of the Iraqi president), he did not authorize any transportation home for our boys and girls. Donald Trump sent his fleet of planes to iraq to bring them home – numerous round trips for the air crews. All on Trump’s own dime.

    President Trump is taking no salary. He did expensive things for the government that the government never relayed him for. And now the left is whining about Don Jr and his Secret Service protection on a recent trip, that cost about as much as an average family car!

    • God, are you a liar … oh wait, being a Trump supporter, it is redundant to call you a liar. He is spending millions of taxpayer’s dollars going straight into the Trump corporation, but you are OK with that since liars gotta be liars. As a vet, I know your BS about bot authorizing pay for our troops coming back from Iraq is BS because the military doesn’t work that way and never has.

      You probably are like Trump in that you “care” about our troops but would never dare to dirty your hands by enlisting.

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