18 Years Later, Americans Remember Horror Of 9-11

It’s been eighteen years, but for the people who lived through that day wondering what on earth was going on in New York and Washington, September 11 brings back memories and prompts memorials.

Today is no exception.

As per usual with a first couple who know their duty when it comes to protocol, President and Mrs. Trump attended a memorial service this morning at the Pentagon as the nation stopped to remember

“Today the nation honors and mourns nearly 3,000 lives that were stolen from us,” Trump said. He recounted going to Ground Zero after the planes hit. And he promised the victims – and the survivors – won’t be forgotten.

“We are united with you in grief,” he said. “We offer you all that we have. Our unwavering loyalty, our undying devotion, our eternal pledge that your loved ones will never, ever be forgotten.”

And that is the crux of the remembrances of September 11, 2001. It was not, as one callus freshman congress critter put it, “Some people did some things.” No, nineteen men from the Middle East hijacked four planes, and one symbol of American financial might was destroyed followed by damage done to the symbol of American military strength. In the process, a lot of people were killed, and many documents vanished.

Much of what happened, truly has not been reconciled eighteen years later.

What has been cemented, though, is the mantra that we will never forget. We the people were shocked out of a stupor that day, the sleeping giant awakened once more to lash out at a world hell-bent on destroying us. For the last eighteen years, we’ve been at war with a part of that world, a tar baby that consumes far more than it benefits.

We cannot forget that, either.

But, today, what we really remember are the thousands of lives lost in the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil in our history and the resilient American spirit that came to the fore in the form rescue of so many more. 



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