2 Law Enforcement Officers Gunned Down While Eating

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Two Sheriff’s Deputies were killed in Trenton, Florida while eating in a Chinese Restaurant while on duty.

Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey, 25, were sitting in a Chinese restaurant enjoying a meal when 59-year-old John Hubert Highnote casually walked in and shot them both dead.

When other Deputies responded to the shooting, they found Mr. Highnote outside of the restaurant dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz said this of the deceased Deputies:

“They don’t need to be remembered strictly for their untimely death but they need to be remembered for the type of people that they are and that’s good individuals, good deputy sheriffs.”

Flordia Attorney General Pam Bondi who has found herself in the national media in recent times with so many tragic incidents taking place in Flordia released the following statement:

“My heart breaks with the tragic news of two Gilchrist County deputies that were senselessly killed today while in the line of duty.”

“The daily risk that law enforcement officers take to protect our communities is overwhelming. My deepest condolences and prayers are with their families as they mourn the devastating loss of their loved ones. May their families, friends and fellow officers find peace and comfort during this very difficult time.”

Flordia Governor Rick Scott also sent his condolences saying:

“He and his wife are heartbroken by the loss of the two law enforcement officers in Trenton.”

“It is a true evil for anyone to hurt a law enforcement officer, and in Florida, we have zero tolerance for violence, especially against police. Tonight, I ask every Floridian to honor these law enforcement officers, their brothers and sisters in uniform and their families. May God bless those who work to keep our communities safe.”

President Trump who has been one of our nations strongest presidential supporters of law enforcement sent out his condolences via Tweet:

There is no more cowardly act than to ambush someone like this and I hope John Hubert Highnote burns eternally in hell!

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