Fellow Survivor HUMILIATES David Hogg With A Single Tweet

Well, it is about time! This pencil neck little twit finally got put in his place by one of his own… I guess everyone is getting sick of his obnoxious, overbearing Hitler Youth routine.

I don’t think there is anyone in the country, if not world, that does not feel bad for what these kids went through… They suffered a terrible loss and that is not easy for anyone.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flordia has over three thousand students in attendance that were all there during the shooting. Out of that three thousand students, there has been a handful doing interviews and organizing rallies.

As the saying goes though, there is always one… That one is a pencil neck little twit named David Hogg. This kid just can’t seem to pull himself back out of the spotlight and does not seem to realize that his constant whining and nagging has irritated and turned far more people against any cause they might have that it has turned toward them… People have gone from having any sympathy at all for this pencil neck little twit to wanting to smash his face.

The notoriety he has attained is not the positive notoriety that the father of the one girl Meadow Pollack has garnered and he has finally managed to piss off at least one of his fellow survivors… A young man who is apparently far more mature and prepared for the real world ahead of him.

Kyle Kashuv who is one of the survivors has had a different view than most of the gullible youth who survived the shooting and has not fallen in the pack just for the sake of being in the pack…

Late last week Laura Ingraham made a comment about David Hogg going on the Commie News Network and crying about being rejected by all the colleges he had applied with. This hurt whittle David’s feelings so he went on a rampage trying to use his newfound notoriety on Twitter to attack Laura Ingraham.

Well, Laura Ingraham made the mistake of apologizing to this pencil neck little twit and he followed the typical liberal playbook denouncing the apology as not being enough and put out this Tweet:

In addition to the Tweet above, he always called for a boycott of those who advertise on the Laura Ingraham Show and some fifteen advertisers caved into these little Nazi Youth and pulled their ads.

Then Laura Ingraham announced on Friday that she was going to be on Easter Vacation with her kids next week and this is what the pencil neck little twit said to her via Twitter:

Well, that is when his fellow classmate and survivor of the shooting had enough and spoke up with the following Tweet:

Finally, one of his peers speaking the truth to this pencil neck little twit!

Of course, Hogg and many of his Nazi Youth follower attacked Kyle Kashuv, but unlike David Hogg, he conducts himself more like a mature young adult, not some Hitler Youth Nazi child and can no doubt handle the pressure and insults.

If you are interested in knowing the advertisers choosing to side with these little Nazi’s here is a list and link to them:

I would highly recommend you contact every one of them because as I have been looking at them the liberals are bombarding them on Twitter… It would be wise to remind them liberals are lazy and unemployed. LOL

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