VIDEO: Police Involved In INTENSE Firefight In Barber Shop


Video Below

A Group of San Francisco Police Officers found themselves in an intense firefight that broke out in the blink of an eye that resulted in one dead bad guy, several wounded bystanders, and one wounded police officer.

At around 4:30 p.m. the San Fransico Police were called to a family’s home by the parents of 21-year-old Jehad Eid, who was standing out front with a gun threatening the family.

By the time the police arrived the young Mr. Eid had left the area. The parents informed the police that they believed their son Jehad had gone to the Amazon Barbershop a short distance away at 949 Geneva Ave.

In the video you see them handcuffing a young man outside of the barbershop, probably conducting an investigative stop to identify him, when all of a sudden shots ring out.

There are several different body camera views that have been released and I will put them below for you to watch. The one view from outside on the Police Officer handcuffing the young man to identify him, shows a crowd of spectators scramble for cover as soon as the shot ring out. No one seems to be wondering if they were gunshots or not, they came out of their skin running from the front of the barbershop. LOL

The one officer wearing the camera that made his way inside the barbershop deserves a pat on the back and recognition for making his way into the shop while bullets were flying with no cover at all… He was completely exposed but clearly knew he had to get inside where another officer was alone. The Broward County Deputies that hid outside while the students were shot up in Flordia a few weeks ago could learn a lot from this officer’s actions and courage.

Once inside you see him clear a couple of people before his video ends.

The other camera view provided is probably the most intense. That camera is being worn by an Officer that was just wondering inside the barbershop to investigate, but the second he steps through the door the young Mr. Eid who was standing in the back of the shop opened fire with a .40 caliber handgun.

The after action report by the police department indicates that Mr. Eid fired 9 rounds at the officers and as you can see in the video the first officer in was hit in the leg and went down. The officer who was hit knew that he had to stay in the fight or die and you can see him reloading and continues to yell commands for people to stay down. You can hear one of the barbershop employees yelling that there were kids in the shop concerned for their safety.

The medical examiner’s report indicates the police shot Mr. Eid 18 times and he died later at the hospital.

When you watch the video it’s clear that the police did nothing to instigate the shooting and were completely caught off guard… They had no choice but to return fire and at least the one inside the shop was in a literal fight for his life.

You would never know that though had you just shown up for the town hall meeting a few days later. Some of Mr. Eid’s family was understanding and some were not… Then there were those there that were giving the usual talk about how the police keep killing young men of color as though they are doing it intentionally.

I’ll leave you with this thought just in case some of those people who run from the police, fight with the police, or shoot at the police might be reading this… Every shooting involving a person of color, and that is ANY COLOR, black, white, red, or orange could have been prevented had they simply complied with the instructions given by the police. I don’t know of a single incident of the police shooting or killing anyone who did not run, did not fight, and who placed their hands behind their back when asked by the police.

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