Female YouTube Shooter Had a History, A BAD HISTORY


Well, I know this is going to come as a HUGE surprise to everyone, but the young Iranian woman who lost her mind and went on a shooting rampage at the YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California was known to be already walking around with one foot over the edge of the cliff and those that knew her well fully expected her to snap any day…

The only thing rare about this case is that the shooter was a woman… It’s so rare that when I first started hearing reports that it was a woman, my first thought was, “well, it’s Commiefornia, it’s probably some wimpy looking dude that identifies as a woman.” We of course now know that the shooter was indeed a female.

Everything else reads like the same story we hear time-and-time again… You know, the shooting took place in a gun free zone–in this case what could arguably be called a gun free state–in a building where guns are not allowed, the more common handgun was used in this shooting, but fear not the media has been calling it an AR-15 weapon of war irregardless, and of course the National Rifle Association is responsible.

And I will bet there is NO WAY you will ever guess the one final, though very important, thing I left out above… Ah shucks, you guessed it! Yes, you are correct, the family notified the police and warned them they thought she might be headed to YouTube to shoot people…

I’m not sure if this would make a difference or not, but I am starting to think that since the National Rifle Association, along with law abiding American gun owners are getting all the blame and will suffer the consequences of the liberal knee jerk, “repeal the 2nd Amendment” reaction to every shooting in the country, that perhaps the National Rifle Association should have all of these calls from people heading to shoot up a school or office building full of people, forwarded to them so they could dispatch a team of armed American citizens to intervene.

You may think I am kidding, but if we look at the last five shootings, the Pulse Nightclub, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, the small Texas church, Stoneman Douglas High School, and the YouTube Headquarters, every one of those shooters were known to be mentally unstable and in every single one of those shootings either a local or federal law enforcement agency was contacted and warned and in EVERY instance they swept the investigation under the carpet or didn’t even bother to investigate.

The FACT that all these shooters were identified ahead of time and friends and family did all they could to reach out to law enforcement to prevent them from killing people, is of no consequence.

The NRA and guns are still being blamed and the liberal legislators now have a motivated group of children they have militarized and are manipulating like Hitler did his blond hair, blue eyed, brown shirt kids in hopes they will round up all the guns from the grown up like the Khmer Rouge kids did before the dictator killed millions of them…

In spite of law enforcement continuously demonstrating they are completely incompetent and incapable of protecting the American people from these shooters, millions want us to give up our guns because somehow they still believe the government will protect them.

This woman gave off all the typical warning signs that we see when men are being shook around too hard in life right before they snap.

The shooter, 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam was a self-proclaimed animal rights activist, vegan, and fitness trainer who had developed a fairly decent following on YouTube and Instagram. She had several pages and YouTube channels that she was apparently making a decent income from by monetizing them with ads.

It was the typical business model that “was” making quite a few people who were fortunate enough to learn the ropes and develop a decent following used and the average person would flip if they knew the kind of money many were making for quite a few years until the nation became politically polarized and the liberals who controlled access to the billions of people that made up the customers began to punish anyone who even remotely promoted a conservative page or YouTube channel.

Ms. Aghdam thought she was being singled out when some of her videos were deleted, her traffic began to slow down, and her ad revenue declined sharply.

This prompted het to begin posting bizarre rants and hateful, critical rants directed right at YouTube and the more her revenue decreased and her videos kept being deleted by youTube the angrier she got…

As we all know she reached her breaking point… She kept her intentions no secret from her family, so they warned the authorities when she stormed off.

Ms. Aghdam lived in San Diego which is nearly 500 miles from YouTube Headquarters and she was discovered sleeping in her car in Mountain view which is some 30 miles from the headquarters. When the family learned she had been found that far from home they knew she was up to something so notified the police… Who of course did nothing.

And that my friends is the way this tragedy unfolded. I’m pretty sure none of the regular readers of this page, whose support we greatly appreciate, need to be told that NO LAW would have prevented any of these shootings because it was in fact the law that failed to perform their duties and take the warnings serious.

For the trolls who might be fans of the Parkland Hitler Youth and anti-gun liberals in Washington, D.C., I hope you give thought the the facts surrounding these shootings and direct your efforts toward solving the real problems behind these shootings and act on those responsible for not properly performing their duty in a stern consequential manner.

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