ASSAULT VAN Attacks People In Germany KILLING Several People

Video Below

An Assault Van has plowed into a large crowd of People in the city of Munster, Germany killing at least three people and leaving some thirty other injured.

The predominately liberal media is taking the typical cautious approach making sure to point out that that it is not known if the Assault Van has committed an act or terror, or if it simply lost control inadvertently speeding into the large group of pedestrians enjoying a peaceful Saturday shopping in the town square.

It is being reported that the person driving the Assault Van—after jumping a curb and speeding down the sidewalk into a crowd—shot himself in the head. It is not currently known if the weapon that shot the driver was an Assault Rifle driving the Assault van prior to shooting the driver, or if the Assault Rifle was a passenger that attacked the Driver so the Assault Van could attack the crowd.

Whatever the reasoning of the Assault Van and Assault Rifle, we should be cautious not to assign any responsibility to the occupants of the Van.

Reports are that at least six of the thirty-some injured are in critical condition and police are urging people to stay away from the area.

As you can see from the pictures, the incident occurred is a very busy and crowded area that created an ideal target for an Assault Van to attack.

The police are reporting that there is no more imminent danger and the crime scene is now under control.

As the situation is sorted out and more information becomes available we will keep you updated.

It should go without saying but in the interest of public safety, please remain alert and exercise caution if you notice any Assault Vans in the vicinity of your activities in the public domain. There has been an unusual increase in the number and types of inanimate objects Assaulting people in recent years.

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