Loretta Lynch Throws James Comey Under The Bus With One Sentence

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Something’s afoot in the swamp, that’s for sure. For over a year, We the People haven’t heard much from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She hasn’t said anything about her talks with fellow Obama Administration cabinet members. One of her colleagues in that regard has talked about her, though. Former FBI Director James Comey claimed that Ms. Lynch asked him to refer to any open cases on Bill and Hillary Clinton, first American grifters, as “matters”, not investigations. Well, guess what. In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Lynch claims she doesn’t recall that exchange.

“He said it made him feel strange,” NBC’s Lester Holt asked Lynch in an interview first previewed Monday. “He noted it. What did you mean when you said matter instead and not an investigation?”

“I heard about that testimony,” Lynch responded. “I didn’t watch it at the time, but it was brought to my attention later and people were raising it with me.”

“My first response was, ‘where, what is the issue here?’ I remember specifically talking with him — as we talked about sensitive things on a number of occasions,” she continued. “We often would have to discuss sensitive matters, sensitive issues, terrorism and the like, law enforcement policy and the like.”

“This was a very sensitive investigation, as everyone knew,” she claimed. “And the issue when he and I sat down at that time, which I think was early in the fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as a department to confirm an investigation going on, when we typically do not confirm or deny investigations into anything, with rare exceptions.”

“I can tell you that it was a meeting like any other that we had had, where we talked about the issues,” …“We had a full and open discussion about it.”

“Concerns were not raised.”

Huh. Imagine that.

Well, somebody is not telling the complete truth on all of that. Usually, it’s safe to go with the guy who is under oath and who can be prosecuted for perjury, but in the swampian den of Obama pit vipers, anything is possible. The only thing that is for certain is that both Comey and Lynch have a lot to lose if and when all sorts of information is released from the FBI. The question now is which one of them is trying to get ahead of the story.

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