BOOM: Facebook Getting Facial Recognition They Don’t Want, Can You Say LAWSUIT

All Facebook users have to admit that it is rather creepy when one posts a picture of a group of people and the platform can identify who those people are. The trick to it is using facial recognition software…and, really, it can be considered a violation of privacy as some people do not want to be identified in this manner.

A judge in Illinois agrees and is allowing a class action lawsuit against Facebook to go forward.

Judge James Donato ruled on Monday the claims by Illinois residents Nimesh Patel, Adam Pezen, and Carlo Licata were “sufficiently cohesive to allow for a fair and efficient resolution on a class basis.”

“Consequently, the case will proceed with a class consisting of Facebook users located in Illinois for whom Facebook created and stored a face template after June 7, 2011,” he said, according to AFP.

Naturally, any outcome of the suit will apply to the users in the other forty-nine states.

Facebook, and its frontman Mark Zuckerberg, as a platform has been under fire for weeks in the United States as news of systemic data mining and then sales to Cambridge Analytica was made public. One would think that all of the warnings over the years that the internet is forever would have sunk into the general population by now. However, the facial recognition case has the year 2011 on it, meaning that this technology has been employed for years. That means that hundreds of millions of users have been victimized by it.

Facial recognition and the sale of personal data to outside agencies are just the latest of the egregious things the crew at Facebook have been called out for doing. Deciding what information should be in the trending box, goofing off with the timelines so that users do not always see the posts they want to from friends and family, and filtering political content using a controversial algorithm are just the tip of the iceberg.

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