Wretched CNN Used The Death Of Barbara Bush To Launch DISGUSTING ATTACK


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While Americans are grieving over the loss of former First Lady Barbara Bush, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and another host used her passing to do something shockingly unacceptable.

Yesterday, former First Lady Barbara Bush, the wife of former President George H. W. Bush, died at the age of 92. People all over the country offered their sincere condolences to the Bush family at the death of their matriarch. Most used the opportunity to commemorate the character and achievements of the woman, who was universally appreciated for her strength, dignity, and hard work.

Many people across the country paid tribute to her and expressed positive remarks on her work. Some claim her efforts helped millions of people to learn to read. Former President George W. Bush, the son of Barbara Bush, was recently interviewed alongside his wife. They expressed warm approval and admiration of the astonishing impact she had on the United States.

But far be it for fake news CNN to allow this opportunity go without humiliating themselves. It appears that it’s impossible for them to demonstrate to the world how totally corrupt, prejudiced, and pathetic they are. While the world was showing deep sorrow for the passing of a great woman, CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin took advantage of the situation to offend President Donald Trump. It’s true, while people were disheartened to hear of Mrs. Bush’s passing, they scoffed at the sitting President and his family.

So, the best word to describe such a behavior would be disgraceful. Yes, it deserves strong condemnation.

While discussing Barbara Bush’s legacy on Tuesday evening, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin could not resist using the opportunity to slam President Donald Trump.

After news broke of Barbara Bush’s passing, Toobin rattled off the “list of adjectives” associated with the former First Lady—“public-service oriented, the honesty, decency”—and asked, “what about the contrast to our current president?” [Source: Breitbart]

“I mean this family, whatever else you think of the Bushes, were a family that was wall-to-wall decent… good to people… considerate of others,” Toobin said. “And I’m sorry, I just keep thinking of Donald Trump in the White House who has none of the qualities that the Bushes have. It’s just a sign of how different this country is now than it was not that many years ago.”

Wow, what kind of dirtbag and scum of a news television channel you are to use the death of a former First Lady to push their intense dislike of the current President. You embarrass the very name of journalism with your dirtied, tawdry “news.“

Liberals and had a lot of respect and deep admiration for Barbara Bush’s abilities, qualities, achievements, personality and leadership qualities. Her death characterizes the end of a great generation of women, but all CNN can do is find ways to trash President Trump.

During the election, Barbara Bush expressed her hatred of Trump. That was her opinion and she had every right to speak her mind. Anderson Cooper, apparently, used that as an excuse speak unfavorably about Bush and Trump.

Barbara Bush was critical of Trump during the 2016 election cycle, saying she did not understand how women could vote for Trump. She also said that she was “sick of him” and didn’t waste time thinking about Trump.

Cooper said that Barbara Bush “was so repelled by Donald Trump” and added that Trump is “antithetical to all of the values she grew up believing and lived her life by.” [Source: Breitbart]

Really? Now all of a sudden the liberal news outlet is commemorating the virtues of a conservative woman? It seems that they are about to exploit anyone to attack President Trump. It’s not worth even making seem worthy and impressive their sleazy attacks with rebuttals. We are well acquainted with the decency of President Trump and his wife Melania. Time and again, they showed how careful, respectful, and decent people. CNN is ignoring all of that, which distorts stories to slam our Commander in Chief.

That’s not even the worst to come out of the news of Barbara Bush’s death. A Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar tweeted about her passing. It wasn’t pretty.

Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar tweeted on Tuesday that former First Lady Barbara Bush “was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal.”

She added: “Fuck outta here with your nice words.” [Source: Breitbart]


Learn how to be classy, liberals! And to think, they wonder why so many Americans are ditching the Democratic Party. They have demonstrated to be selfish, dishonest, hateful creatures. Even the passing of a great woman is an excuse to talk smack.

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