Barbara Bush Staggered Everyone Hours Before She Died With ‘Forbidden Last Request’

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Barbara Bush departure the hospital last Monday, with a feeling that she was going home to die. While her husband’s health has been the focus of attention during the last few years, many people were not acquainted with the fact that former first lady was fighting an illness that would claim her life before his. With only hours to live, Mrs. Bush shocked everyone with her “forbidden last request.” Don’t miss this.

Barbara Pierce fell in love with George H. W. Bush the first time she saw him. She was 16 years old, and he was 17 years old. They met at a dance in the midst of World War II, and Barbara would joke, “I married the first boy that kissed me.” The elder Bush was leaving for the war, where he would become the youngest fighter pilot in American history.

Their romance lasted 76 years, and their marriage was the longest of any First Couple at 73 years. Most people didn’t know that it was Barbara’s family who had the political connections. She was a “New England” blue blood and a descendant of Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States.

Being able to understand Mrs. Bush’s final request and her last words requires knowing that she began going gray at 28 years old, and the gray hair occurred over the saddest thing in her life, which she could never accept. The Washington Post reports, “Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday, said she didn’t fear death. That may be because the 92-year-old former first lady faced it before, in the hardest way imaginable.”

They continue, “In 1953, soon after George H. W. Bush had moved his family to Midland, Tex., to get into the oil business, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter complained about feeling tired. Usually, Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush, the much-doted-on only girl of the Bush kids, was as rowdy and healthy as her older brother George W. and baby brother Jeb. Barbara decided to take her to a pediatrician.”

Her diagnosis was shockingly unexpected. The doctor called the Bushes a few days later with a word neither had ever heard before: leukemia. The complaint had been fatigue; the prescription was to take their child home to die. Robin died a few months later, and Barbara’s brown hair started to go gray. She even didn’t want to ever color it, as it was a reminder of Robin, a reminder that life is fleeting.

After the George H. W. Bush Library was established in College Station, Texas, the family had Robin’s body moved to a small, gated burial plot on the grounds.

As Barbara left the hospital Monday, it was her decision to stop treatment for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). “One last time,” is what she said as she was taken back to the Bush’s Houston home, thinking of Robin. Then, a few hours later, she had one final request, saying, “I want some bourbon.”

The night before her death, Barbara Bush was alert and was having conversations — along with a glass of bourbon — even though her COPD made it difficult for her to breathe, a source close to the family told Jenna Gibson of CBS News.

There’s little distrust the bourbon would be prohibited with the medications she was on to keep her relaxed, but that was her final request. And, I don’t think anyone was going to stop Barabra Bush, known as “the enforcer,” from having one last bourbon. She also had her resting place picked out. She will be buried right next to her daughter, Robin.

Americans, liberal and conservative alike, were particularly touched by the thought of this former first lady “leaving this good earth” in surroundings of her family and sipping bourbon. “She went out on her own terms, sipping bourbon, and in her home surrounded by her family. Political disagreements aside, she was one hell of a lady. RIP, Barbara Bush. This one is for you,” tweeted Twitter user “A Serious Monkey.”

Dotee Penn tweeted, “Even if not a Bush fan— When the matriarch of the Bush clan chooses not hospitalization but home & family & bourbon….. you gotta admit Barbara Bush is transitioning with love & dignity.”

“I just read that in the hours before she passed, despite having trouble breathing, Barbara Bush sat up, drank a bourbon, and had one last chat with her loved ones. Bad ass,” tweeted Shannon Molloy.

“So to recap: when faced with medical intervention or staring death right in its ugly face, Barbara Bush—though barely able to breathe—said, ‘Pass me a bourbon and let’s do this.’ What a lady. God bless her and make more like her. #RIPBarbaraBush,” tweeted Stephanie Phillips.

Her son, former President George W. Bush, wasn’t there when she died, but he shared their last visit, which was just a few days ago in the hospital, with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

George repeated her mother’s words, saying, “‘Doctor, you want to know why George W. is the way he is?’ And the doctor looked somewhat surprised. And she said, ‘because I drank and smoked when I was pregnant with him,’” proving her sense of humor and timing remained intact until the end.

Barbara Bush is most probably the last political figure who is highly respected by both Republicans and Democrats. The political landscape changed with the Clintons and the Obamas. No longer a “gentleman’s game,” they polarized American politics so that no longer can there be decorum. No, particularly with the Obamas who brainwashed half the nation into thinking America is not exceptional, and the Clintons who played “dirty politics” as a way to win.

Barbara Bush didn’t withdraw from her beliefs, and she was furious when it came to her family. What a life. What a death. All Americans are commemorating the way she lived and the way she went out, convinced she knew exactly where she was going. Undoubtedly, she’s in heaven reunited with her beloved little girl Robin. Rest In Peace, Barbara Bush.

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