Former First Lady Laura Bush Was Asked What Advice She’d Give Melania Trump, Her Response Is Astonishing

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Lately, First Lady Melania Trump has become a subject of an endless assault by liberal pundits and late night hosts without any particular reason for that, but one former first lady expressed her opinion concerning that matter.

When being interviewed Wednesday on Fox Business, former First Lady Laura Bush told host Maria Bartiromo that she considers Trump will do “very well” as the first lady of the United States.

“Mrs. Bush, you remain one of the most popular and loved first ladies of all time,” Bartiromo said.

“All right!” said former President George W. Bush with a grin.

“And you have your own incredible leadership style. Do you want to pass on any words of advice to our current first lady Melania Trump?” Bartiromo asked.

Here’s what Bush said about our first lady:

“Well, no, I wouldn’t give her advice, but I have met Melania – she invited me to tea at White House. She’s a beautiful woman, and very, very lovely.”
“I think she will do really very well.”

Watch below:

Here’s how social media users reacted to Bush’s high praise of Trump:

Bush made it clear during the interview that she didn’t want to give Trump advice as she is acquainted with the stress that brings the role of a first lady.

She stated that Trump is a very intelligent woman and that she is pretty much convinced she will continue to pursue and promote issues she believes are of a great importance for the country.

While leftists like comedian Jimmy Kimmel and others spend every day bashing and leaving hateful comments about Trump, it’s nice to see a former first lady speak showing warm approval and admiration of Trump.

Seeing our first lady actually giving compliments rather than insults is quite refreshing, isn’t it?

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