Joy Reid Turns Hacking Lie Into Full Blown Production But May Not Like The Ending

Yes, Joy Reid, the internet, like a diamond, is forever.

It looks like the left is refusing to cover for one of its own who was caught having homophobic blog posts on her website and then apparently lied about how they got there. Joy Reid, who has a weekend show on MSNBC, seems to have written and posted the material between 2007 and 2009. She now claims that hackers, actually, were responsible for the material appearing on her page. The Daily Beast, another of Reid’s employer’s thought that excuse sounded hinky, and hired a tech guru to check out her story.

As many experts and critics across the media industry doubted Reid’s story, The Daily Beast suspended her column and enlisted its own reporters to investigate her claims.

Nichols’ statement claimed he found evidence that Reid’s blog was breached using information available on the “Dark Web” and blamed other homophobic rhetoric on “screenshot manipulation.” His claims were quickly criticized and picked apart and The Daily Beast essentially put a nail in them with a bombshell report.

Nichols “had trouble producing the promised evidence,” according to Daily Beast tech guru Kevin Poulsen. “What he did produce failed to withstand scrutiny… indicators of hacked posts don’t bear out.”

Poulsen meticulously broke down why claims Reid’s hired cybersecurity guru are “not true.” Nichols falsely claimed screenshots tweeted of the homophobic slurs are nowhere to be found in the Internet Archive, according to Poulsen, who reported that every example provided by Nichols turned out to be untrue.

“None of the images are faked or doctored,” Poulsen wrote. “A closer look at the archived blog by The Daily Beast revealed an error in Nichols’ methodology.”

Oops. Looks like Joy Reid got caught actually being a homophobe on the liberal plantation.

Yeah, that’s not allowed.

And lying about it, that’s not allowed, either. In the digital age, it’s very stupid to think one can get away with it, too. Someone out there is always available to double check a story.

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