Parkland Survivor David “Pencil Neck” Hogg Was Guest At WHCD For One Reason


So the word is that the Daily Beast invited David Hogg to the White House Correspondents Dinner. He’s the Pencil Neck Twitt from Parkland, Flordia that never met a camera he didn’t love or a liberal adult he would not perform any act they wanted him to.

He has almost single handily turned half of the country away from sympathy for having experienced a shooting massacre at his High School to outright disgust with their overzealous anti-gun campaign.

David Hogg had only one thing on his agenda going to the White House Correspondents Dinner and it was not celebrating free speech or the First Amendment. In fact, David Hogg and the other militants created by the school massacre have been busy trying their damnedest to silence people… People they do not agree with that is.

David “Pencil Neck” Hogg is leading the charge for a group known as the “No Riffle Association” and one of their goals is to strong-arm politicians and private corporations to reject the National Rifle Association and anyone who supports the NRA.

David sent out a Tweet boasting of his success in getting 6 “Congressman” to sign the @noNRAmoney pledge noting that change is coming. Let’s hope he gets that “CongressMAN” thing changed.

I would not count on them turning anyone’s money down though if I were him. With the DNC some six million in debt and no cash in the bank and spending millions on a frivolous lawsuit, Democrats are going to be looking for money in sewer drain pipes.

This kid has been on a downhill slide ever since he went after Laura Ingraham and called for a boycott of her advertisers. The results, a few advertisers did drop her briefly, but her viewership went up over 40 percent… So much so that most of those that pulled their ads went running back to her after they realized a bunch of liberal 17-year-olds didn’t have near the spending power of employed hard-working conservative adults.

He was right at home surrounded by all those liberals at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He may have been part of history, Trump Derangement Syndrome has destroyed them!

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