POOF! Scouts Lose One Fifth Of Membership After Making Just ONE MISTAKE

The Boy Scouts of America are in the process of committing suicide as an organization, and one religious group has accelerated the process. Following the decision to change the name of the group to Scouts BSA and with the admission of not just gay members, gay scoutmasters, and transgender sorts, the Mormons have had enough.

Following a steady progression of liberal appeasement by the scouts, they are cutting ties.

The Mormon Church can see where that’s going — just like any sensible person can. Its decision to end the 105-year partnership between the organizations means 425,000 boys will leave an organization of 2.3 million within the next two years.

That’s almost one out of every five, and it’s going to hurt badly. But it only came after a series of decisions made by the Scouts themselves.

One Scout leader in Utah told the Deseret News that the news of the announcent didn’t come out of the blue, but it wasn’t expected now.

“It’ll be a blow,” said Mark Griffin, president of the BSA’s Great Salt Lake Council. “We can’t say that it was a total surprise. Maybe the timing is a surprise, but we knew the church was working on a program for a worldwide church but that any changes would be based on the need to do the same program in Paris, France, as they have in Paris, Texas.”

The Mormons may not be the only religious group to just pick up and leave now that the Boy Scouts are following the Girl Scouts’ lead into a liberal la la land. Seriously, these groups used to be about teaching young people to be good citizens, and how to survive in the world. There were activities that supported responsible human development. Now, the group will be lucky to not be caught with child support payments after mixed groups of teens spend the night together in the woods.

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