President Trump Tweets Date And Location Of Summit With North Korea

Just hours after President Trump personally greeted three American prisoners released from North Korea at Andrews Air Force Base, he has announced the much-anticipated date and location of his meeting with the North Korean Mental Midget, Kim Jong Un.

Singapore has been on the top of the speculation list for possible locations since the meeting was announced. Many analysts were predicting the meeting would take place on the DMZ in Korea, but no one with any experience in personal protection would ever seriously suggest such a thing. It may have made for a great historical photo op of the two leaders, but it would have left the President way to vulnerable.

In addition to the security of the world leaders, they needed a venue that could also accommodate the international press and all the support personnel and advisors that travel with the President.

Singapore is also a location that in the region that is well known for security and their location off of southern Malaysia afford them an above average ability to secure their borders. When you are surrounded by water, it’s is a lot easier to control and keep track of who is coming and going. 🙂

Singapore is also one of the few nations that have actual diplomatic relations with North Korea and they are a long time good ally of the United States. Singapore is also recognized as one of the cleanest cities in the world and is a beautiful place.

All things considered, it is an excellent choice of location for this historic summit to take place.

While everyone is apprehensive about dealing with the Mental Midget from North Korea, President Trump’s continuous pressure on North Korea, along with the help he has received from China as a result of the strong relationship he has built with President Xi Jinping, appears to have KimJong Un taking some positive steps to demonstrate he is taking a different path than he is typically known to take.

While the liberal media is doing everything they can to paint a bad picture of President Trump, the entire world should be praying he is successful… Kim Jong Un with nuclear weapons poses a global threat and if President Trump negotiates an agreement that provides for the denuclearization of North Korea with unrestricted inspections by the international community, no one can deny that would be a historical benefit to the world.

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