Ted Cruz Re-Election In Danger Due To SHOCKING Allegation By His Opponent

Well, this has to be embarrassing for a man who claims to be so moral. Members of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s re-election staff have been accused of making illegal solicitations of fundraiser attendees.

The accusation claims that Cruz’s national co-chairman J. Keet Lewis broke election laws at an official campaign fundraiser in December by asking attendees to donate unlimited amounts, as well as to make corporate contributions to the pro-Cruz Stand for Truth PAC.

Under federal law, coordination between candidates and Super PACs is prohibited. Although a candidate can solicit donors to a PAC, it is illegal for them to solicit unlimited contributions or corporate contributions to a Super PAC. The most they can solicit is $5,000 from each person.

According to the complaint, Lewis violated those terms when he told donors “If you hit your max then we have a table for you that is the unlimited table. It can take corporate dollars, it can take partnership dollars, and that’s the Super PAC, Stand for Truth.”

With such an opening, the Texas State Democrats didn’t hesitate.

Gilberto Hinojosa, the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, did not mince words:

“We’ve already seen that Ted Cruz will lie, cheat and say anything to gain power …Ted Cruz’s blatant disregard of the law is yet another reason why he is unfit to lead our country.”

Oops. Well, so far this year, Cruz and his Democratic opponent, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, have been even in the fundraising department. That’s usually a good sign of a competitive race. However, unforced errors by the fundraising team are really not encouraging. There are campaign contribution laws, and however, they may violate first amendment rights (limits free speech) they still must be followed.

The Democrats are going to parlay this into a huge scandal, that’s for sure. Nevermind giving away Uranium, allowing people with money to foot a large part of the election bills directly, no can do.

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