MSNBC’S Malcolm Nance: “Honorable Veterans Do Not Support This President”

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So I wake up to Fox and Friends this morning and one of the first things I see is a short clip of this MSNBC Clown Malcolm Nance proclaiming that “honorable veterans do not support this President.” It woke me up faster than the cup of coffee I was drinking and brought my blood to a boil.

Well, I have news for this alleged “war hero” Naval Cryptology Specialist, this United States Marine IS an HONORABLE veteran and I fully support President Trump and I personally know MANY more HONORABLE veterans of the United States Armed Forces that fully support President Trump.

I don’t know exactly how this clown weaseled his way into a talking head position on any news outlet, and I use that “news outlet” term loosely in reference to MSNBC, but after looking at his Wikipedia page, my guess is this Senior Chief Petty Officer with a twenty year Navy career at best has and is embellishing his resume, but I’d bet much of what he claims is an outright LIE!

For example, his Wikipedia page says he served from 1981 to 2001 and that he took part in combat operations that occurred after the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. I call TOTAL BS on this one! After the barracks was bombed in 1983, there were no so-called “combat operations” that took place.

“Honorable veterans do not support this President.”

It took the politicians who put the Marines in Beruit in danger until December 14, 1983, to authorize the USS New Jersey put those responsible on notice when she fired 11 rounds from her 16-inch guns at hostile targets near Beirut. It was the first time her 16-inch guns had been fired for effect since Vietnam in 1969.

President Reagan ordered the Marines to begin withdrawing on February 7, 1984, and on February 8, 1984, the USS New Jersey opened a can of whoop ass and for 9 hours unloaded 288 of her 16-inch shells on Druze and Syrian positions in the Beqaa Valley. It was the heaviest shore bombardment since the Korean War.

The Marines completed their withdraw on February 26, 1984. Knowing a little bit about what took place, I don’t know what sort of combat operations a Cryptology Specialist with two years in the Navy could have been involved in other than watching the New Jersey fire off her guns for nine hours. So he for sure either embellished or is LYING!

This is the same clown that a few weeks ago was the guest on MSNBC discussing why arming teachers with handguns would be useless because the AR-15 bullet is faster than the 9mm fired from a handgun… Seriously, it’s the funniest damn thing I have ever heard discussed between to idiots. LOL You can watch the video on that in this article here.

Anyway, regardless of his resume being true or not, the guy is a moron and a jerk! I know there are plenty of other veterans that do not share my political views just as I know there are many that do… I respect them all and firmly believe they are entitled to have and express their own views… To not express their own views and have their own ideas would be dishonorable and unAmerican… Even if their liberal ideas are wrong. LOL

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