The “Blue Wave” The Democrats Expect Has Turned To A Blue Splash According To New Poll

It most likely really started during the 2016 presidential election season as the attendance at Trump rallies all over the nation featured Americans jammed to the rafters with enthusiastic crowds. It didn’t hurt that the man’s most recognizable online support was a pair of African-American sisters from North Carolina.

And since the election itself, when three states are known to be part of “the blue wall” flipped to red, and a number of others came close, and with the Democratic Party putting all of their lunatics on the front porch for all to see (and hear) of late, it looks like that political party is losing the war of identity politics.

According to the Washington Examiner, Zogby reports a decline in trust in Democrats among key groups going into the 2018 midterm elections, particularly in the areas of national security and the economy. President Donald Trump shows a commanding lead over Democrats among voters concerned about the economy, and a slight lead over Democrats among voters concerned about national security.

“[S]upport for Democrats is down among millennials, blacks, and so-called Walmart and NASCAR voters,” Zogby reports — all key constituencies the Democrats require to retake the House and Senate in November — and the declines are significant. Democrats have “lost more than 10% of support among voters aged 18-50, 14 percent among Millennials aged 18-29” and have lost more than 20% of support among African-Americans during the same time period.

NASCAR voters? Since when have they been part of the blue machine?

Gee, wonder why that is. It wouldn’t be that President Trump actually keeps his promises, and in doing that he has:

  • Cut taxes for a lot of these people, giving them more of their own money
  • Resolved a number of foreign policy issues that have lingered for decades costing us a fortune
  • Actually started building the wall.

President Trump asked the people who were targeted by the Democratic Party for decades, and was victimized by the failed promises, what did they have to lose by switching allegiances. It looks like they figured it out. NOTHING. Not a darn thing. And with Trump, we have an actual builder who gets real results. That fact speaks for itself to working class people.

With the Democrats we get calls for impeachment for imaginary crimes, calls for a repeal of that tax bill that benefits the people, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and all of the rest of the asylum. The people saw, and are finally walking away from the insanity.

Sorry Nancy, but your Blue Wave is all washed up.

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