VIDEO: Armed Man Who Attacks A Group Of Women And Children Meets His Demise

Video Below
This is one of the best videos I think I have ever seen posted on the internet.

The star in the video is the mother of a seven-year-old who was prepared with a nice surprise for the creep in the video who rushed in on a group of mothers with their children in front of a private school that had gathered for a special Mother’s Day celebration.

It was just your typical sort of day… Nothing special except it was Mother’s Day and the group was just going about their business as usual when a creep by the name of Elivelton Neves Moreira rushed in on the group from across the street with a handgun raised and pointing it at them.

As he reaches the group of women and children he appears to reach out to grab one of the kids. As he is occupied trying to grab one of the children and not paying attention to anyone else in the group, a mother with a concealed carry permit reached into her purse and retrieves a handgun of her own.

She briefly keeps the weapon out of sight to her side and while other mothers are running away, she steps forward while bringing her handgun up and shoots the thug at point-blank range right in the chest.

The woman was Katia da Silva Sastre, an off-duty Military Police Officer. She hit the creep twice in his chest and then once in his leg. The shot in the leg appears to of happened when he fell to the ground and his legs flew up in front of him.

Katia was as calm and precise as any skilled professional would expect. After shooting the creep in the chest, she then moved off to the side taking cover behind the front of a parked car in case the creep was able to return fire.

The creep did manage to fire one round that thankfully hit no one. Moments after taking cover behind the front of the parked car, the driver begins backing up and leaves Katia exposed.

When that happens she covers the creep with her handgun and moves toward him yelling at him to roll over and she then kicks his gun that he had dropped on the ground out of his reach.

Whoever was driving the car she had sought cover behind initially was nowhere near as brave as Katia. They were so anxious to leave that they almost ran into Katia when she stepped out in the road to retrieve the handgun she had kicked out of the creeps reach.

This video shows exactly how important a well trained armed citizen can be in today’s world of insane creeps who seek to harm others.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do. It’s OK to watch it more than once, I have. LOL

Let me know what you think of her actions in the comment section!

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