Liberal California Congressman Wants Your Guns And He Is Not Alone


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California Congressman Eric Swalwell is an idiot in my opinion, but he is at least an honest idiot which is more than you can say about most liberal Democrats.

Legislators like Congressman Swalwell are dangerous and a threat to our Republic though and if we do not take those like him serious, the Republic may find itself in another war between the citizens. Say what? It’s OK, I know there are many who think such a prospect in a civilized nation is silly and could never happen, but I’d be willing to bet that mistake has been made before.

We all expect this sort of knee-jerk reaction from the liberals immediately following a shooting like we just had in Santa Fe, but Congressman Swalwell did not just blurt this out following the recent shooting… In fact, he had an Op-Ed published in USA Today on May 3, 2018, well before the Santa Fe shooting in which he suggests that the government should institute a buyback of assault weapons, then prosecute those who fail or refuse to surrender their weapons.

Let that sink in for a minute… A California Congressman… A Legislator who has the power to turn ideas into law wants to pass a law that would turn millions of law-abiding American citizens into felons overnight… Unless of course, you are willing to voluntarily surrender your weapons to the government.

This Congressman is very serious about this too and while not all of his liberal friends have the cojones to admit it, you can bet he does not hold an opinion on this not shared with the other liberal Democrats in Congress… Think about it, when was the last time you can recall a liberal having an independent thought?

To further promote his effort to make this a reality he went on the Tucker Carlson show and was trying to convince Tucker Carlson and the millions of viewers how wonderful an idea his law is and how beneficial it would be to America.

The thing is this clown has no clue what he is talking about and makes more than one assertion that is just factually wrong. For one, he has no knowledge of firearms at all… The extent of his firearms knowledge seems to be if the gun goes bang when u pull the trigger and allows you to pull the trigger again to make it go bang, then it is a “weapon of war” whatever the heck that is… One of the recent talking points I have heard coming from the liberals is these AR-15’s are dangerous because they can fire 200 rounds in a single second… That’s right… 200 rounds per second that they make magazines that will hold those 200 rounds.

There are a couple of things they imply though that is not as funny. For example, in his discussion with Tucker Carlson when questioned why we should not be able to keep a gun at home defend ourselves when he is surrounded by bodyguards, making reference to the Capitol Police, he suggests that there are police everywhere and that they should be allowed to possess any gun they want because they are our protectors.

Pay close attention here… If you think the police are hired and paid tax dollars to protect you in your home, you are sadly mistaken… That is not me saying so, that is the Supreme Court… The Wise Ones who sit on the highest court in the land have ruled and upheld on more than one occasion that the police have NO duty to protect the private citizen. Their mandate, even if they all have “To Serve and Protect” on the cars, is to provide for the “public safety and good order.”

Frankly, if one thinks about that rationally it makes plenty of sense too… It would be virtually impossible for any police department to ensure the safety of every citizen in America… Imagine the lawsuits every time someone raped a woman in her home at night. If the police could be held responsible for such a thing, every department in America would be bankrupt from the lawsuits.

The other implication made by the liberals is that all the bad guys and lunatics in the country would just run right down to the local gun confiscation booth and turn over all their weapons and ammunition. Seriously, does anyone actually believe such a thing would happen? Does anyone really think that some law is going to concern them?

Think about this for a minute… There is one very good reason why people choose schools to carry out their fame-seeking massacres… It’s because they were all declared “gun free zones” a decade or two ago and every whack job in the country knows that if there is any resistance at all it will be a single School Resource Officer.

Now, imagine the time comes when every law-abiding citizen walks down to the local gun confiscation booth like good law abiding citizens and turns in their weapons. Suddenly every neighborhood in America becomes a gun free zone… Suddenly ever bad guy in America knows with a great deal of confidence that they can break into any home in America and the probability they will be able to defend themselves is more unlikely than likely. Would anyone like to bet me that armed robberies will NOT skyrocket?

The liberals like to shame others into the idea of disarming America because of all the kids being killed. Well, remember, the liberals are the ones that advocate and protect the right of women to kill their unborn babies right up until the day of delivery. They literally support and defend the killing of millions of children every year.

Furthermore, if we are going to use statistics on how many deaths are caused by something to determine if something should be legal and or permitted to be in the possession of American’s, there are a number of things that kill more people than firearms. Does anyone want to give up alcohol? Ciggerettes? How about your automobile? Seriously, if the goal is to get rid of things in society that kill people, then let’s start with some of the things that actually kill people… Guns do not kill people, it’s the people behind the trigger that kill people. Cars don’t get drunk and run people over… People get drunk and run people over. Cigarettes don’t light themselves up and fill your lungs with smoke, people do.

I could go on, but hopefully, you see the flaw in their reasoning… More importantly, hopefully, you see the importance of casting a vote in November to keep clowns like Congressman Swalwell out of public office… Especially public office that allows him to legislate.

I’m not going to pretend the Republicans have all got their heads on straight, but the majority respect our Constitutional Rights… ALL of them!

If you did not see this interview, you should watch it now.

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  1. It is time to go after Democrat and Liberal gun owners!!!
    If they come for me they will see the true side of the second amendment!

  2. Pro 2nd amendment folks are leaving California! Hope you learn how important the 2nd amendment is before it’s to late!

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