Chelsea Clinton Shows Her Elitist Mentality Criticizing President Trump

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The Clintons are no longer in office. Why are they – and their daughter – hogging so blasted much of the mainstream media spotlight. And why are so many outlets paying attention to them?


And where does the daughter, Chelsea, the one who lived the first eighteen years of her life in government housing, even if the houses in question were mansions, get off telling the world that our current, duly elected president, the one who beat her mother fair and square, is “degrading” what it means to be an American.

In an interview with Britain’s “The Guardian,” Chelsea had this to say:

I tell her a lot of people in Britain are wondering how they should receive Trump’s visit in July. What’s her advice? “Well, I’ve been to multiple protests since the election. Charlotte’s been to at least three, maybe four. Aidan’s been to one. If I lived in Britain I would show up to protest, because I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

Chelsea takes her kids to protests? Wow.

All Trump is doing is reasserting the American way of life within the nation, leveling the playing field for trade by properly calibrating tariffs, and getting all sorts of leaders from the world’s hotspots talking peace. This is “degrading”? Maybe from a globalist perspective, but the truth is that the American people voted AGAINST globalism, something that people who grow up in political bubbles, like Chelsea Clinton did, have no clue the people resent.

The rest of The Guardian article is all a bunch of left-wing talking points that are repeated for the audience overseas, but really, Chelsea, honey, the people on the street aren’t fooled by your statements. Americans, those who get up in the morning and actually go to a job to make a living, know that Donald Trump really is one of us. He is fighting for us every day, not a money laundering scheme that sells America’s secrets and technology to the highest bidder. Contrary to globalist belief, we really aren’t stupid sheep following every narrative spun by the mainstream media.

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