SWAT Team Dispatched To David Hogg’s Residence


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This incident may sound funny at first and if it were not for people being killed around the country as a result of such thing, it would make for a good laugh.

I’m sure everyone remembers the pencil neck twit, David Hogg who is one of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre survivors turned anti-gun, anti-NRA, and anti-free speech activist… How can you forget someone with a face everyone wants to punch who appears on television every time there is a camera nearby.

Apparently, someone finally had enough of David Hogg annoying people and decided to annoy David Hogg by calling the police. They did not just call the police with some silly complaint, they went all out…

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office received a call that there was a break in at David Hogg’s residence and that a man with an AR-15 was holding them hostage.

Of course, no one had actually broken into the house of David Hogg and there were no hostages… This is a trend that has spread around the country known as “swatting.” Swatting was intended to be nothing more than a practical joke and while it is illegal to make such false reports, I’m sure some kids got a few good laughs when they got together with their friends… Until their friends started getting killed by police busting their doors down in the middle of the night.

The incident resulted in all the local schools being put on lockdown until they deemed it a hoax and the liberal media has wasted no time blaming the NRA and every Republican politician in favor of the Second Amendment.

Seeing the police show up and surround your friend’s house scaring the heck out of them may have the potential to be a rather funny event… Until you realize they all have guns and are operating on the premise that someone in the house has an AR-15…


A little forethought would have kept such a thing at the table where you can laugh about all the “what if’s” you want with no laws being broke and no one is hurt or killed.

But who has ever said America doesn’t have her fair share of stupid people? Not only did the “swatting” prank continue, it continued until someone got killed… The really pitiful thing is after someone got killed, people kept right no doing it…

American’s being the trendsetters we are, decided having their friends killed was not all that funny, so they started “swatting” their enemies and people that annoyed them for one reason or another.

Fortunately, as much as the pencil neck little twit annoys me, no one was hurt… Whoever the idiot was that called the police and made the report was unaware that the Hogg family was not home at the time they placed the call… The police, who of course arrived in force ready to do battle, found the house empty and no one was injured or killed.

Thank God they got the address right… I read of one “swatting” incident a while back where the police arrived at the wrong address and stormed through the front door late at night and the homeowner in a back room grabbed his AR-15 and opened fire of the intruders dressed in black from head to toe.

So while I am writing this to share the story of the pencil neck twit in Parkland being the target of someone who fancy’s themselves a practical joker, I hope if there is anyone who has ever considered, or might consider “swatting” someone does NOT!

Seriously, I despise the conduct of these little Nazi’s being used as tools by the liberal media and politicians to push their gun control agenda, but let’s leave the stupidity to the liberals… They have no shortage of it in their ranks…

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