UPDATE On The Red Hen Restaurant That Booted Sarah Sanders

The Red Hen


Since first putting out the first update on The Red Hen there have been a couple of new things learned about the place that I thought everyone might be interested in as well. The restaurant is scheduled to open at 1700 hours, that’s 5 p.m. on July 05, 2018 and I am pretty sure there will be a group of people there to welcome any guest that might show up for dinner.

I have also acquired some information on the locals that supply The Red Hen with their food. Since they are a farm to table business they use a couple of local establishments… One for their tasty vegetables and one for their meat. I thought you might be interested in saying hi to them and perhaps inquiring about ordering some of their product. 😋

They obtain their vegetables from a place called the Stone House Vegetable Farm, LLC. Their address is as follows:

Principal Owner: Brendan Perry
Phone: (540) 997-0536
2509 Brattons Run
Goshen, Virginia 24439

The Stone House Vegetable Farm does not appear to have a Facebook page or web page that I could locate. But I’m sure you can contact them by phone to inquire about orders. 🙂

The wonderful meat they serve at The Red Hen comes from Buffalo Creek Beef. They have been around a long time and are located in Goshen, Virginia. It is a beautiful area that I encourage you to visit if ever in the area… If any of you are involved with what used to be the BOY Scouts there is a Boy Scout camp there on a lake that is awesome!

Here is the information and link to the Buffalo Creek Beef Facebook page and their website. They are also known as the Potter Family Farm. I’m sure they would love to hear from the Red Hen crowd. I sure hope no one discourages them from doing business with The Red Hen… My goodness, what would they do then? 🙂

Address: 139 E Midland Trail
Lexington, VA 24450
Phone: 540-463-2333

[email protected]

The location above has a place called The Cattlemen’s Market where you can purchase things from them. You might want to call first and make sure they are open. 🙂

Here is another list of suppliers going around:


We really need to keep the pressure on the liberals and push back hard whenever they raise their heads!


Just as the liberals have continued to double down on this restaurant owners act of insanity booting Sarah Sanders out of the restaurant after she and seven other family members had placed their orders, the conservative Republican’s have continued to learn more about what happened afterward and are organizing peaceful protest on her and her restaurant, The Red Hen.

Since I first wrote about this right after news of the incident became known to the public, it has been learned that the owner who told the media she was not one that likes confrontation, organized a small group of what liberals she could find and followed the family to another restaurant where they stood outside yelling and screaming at them while they dined, even though Sarah and her husband went back to their hotel room thinking it would defuse the situation.

The blowback from the community resulted in Stephanie Wilkinson, who was the Executive Director of the Main Street Lexington Business Association, turning in her resignation from the Executive Director position. Their website says the following about who they are:

“Main Street Lexington exists to enhance the economic prosperity and cultural vitality of our community, re-establishing downtown Lexington as the vibrant economic and cultural nexus of our area while maintaining its unique character.

We are a volunteer-based organization established in 2013. We are affiliate members of the Virginia Main Street Program, which uses a proven “Four Point Approach” created by the National Main Street Center to achieve economic revitalization in the context of historic preservation.”

There are two things that stand out in that statement that clearly represent the mindset of Stephanie Wilkinson, one is “maintaining its unique character and the other is “historical preservation.”

Why do they stand out? Well, Ms. Wilkinson clearly wants to keep the small southern town stereotype alive by maintaining the way of the Ku Klux Klan and segregation of the 1950’s… Only this time, Republican’s are the new American Negro… Republican’s, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., are banned from dining in certain places and moved to the back of the bus… The Democrats have not changed one bit regardless of what they say… In fact, they have gotten worse.

The “No Republican’s” Red Hen restaurant was scheduled to open for the first time since the incident with Sarah Sanders on Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. but protesters had assembled outside the run down shack of a restaurant and Stephanie Wilkinson announced that they would be closed until July 05, 2018.

They are most likely doing anyone who had planned to eat there a favor. It turns out that the restaurant that should be inspected by the Health Department at least twice a year has only been inspected 4 times since 2014 and went 14 months without being inspected. During 3 out of those 4 inspections, the restaurant was hit with serious violations.

The violations were things like storing raw beef above ready-to-eat food and they had raw meat thawing above cookie bars risking cross contamination. They have also been cited for not marking ready-to-eat food that is supposed to be served or sold within 7 calendar days with “consume by” dates.

I have also learned something else new about Ms. Wilkerson… She also owns another business in Lexington, Virginia called House Mountain Yarn Co. that is on Main Street in Lexington Virginia at 117 South Main Street. The phone number in case you are interested in buying yarn is (540) 462-2931.

Her husband, Duncan Richter, is a philosophy professor and you can click on the image below in case you are interested in taking one of his classes. I’m sure you could contact the university to get more information.

Also for those interested, the group Bikers for Trump are organizing a ride to Lexington on June 30, 2018. If you click on the image below it will take you to their website.

Tonight Sarah’s father Mike Huckabee was also refused service at a gas station. Here is the Tweet:

The Republican party has been letting the liberal communist push them around for way too long… For decades the mindset has been to just take it on the chin and walk the other way because we are better than them… Well, that’s how our Republic got into the condition it is now. If we do not stand up to them and PEACEFULLY protest to show our numbers and let them know we are Americans too and will not be pushed aside or tolerate their mob rule tactics, they will eventually take our guns, our free speech, our right to privacy, etc.,…

If you think that is extreme, read this article on the case in the California courts where they are trying to outlaw anti-gay speech and my article with the video of a California lawmaker sitting in Congress right now who is no longer hiding behind the “we don’t want your guns” lie… He is outright advocating taking out guns and criminally charging anyone who does not surrender them.

I am an American… I am a United States Marine… I am a Patriot… I am going to do my part and stand up to them! I hope you will join me and no longer sit back as a spectator while our country is destroyed. These people want to remove Trump from office by any means possible… Let’s show them THEIR actions have consequences… Let’s stop them!

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  1. Minor point, the KKK was formed to suppress all Republicans in the South at a time when an overwhelming majority of blacks were Republicans. Therefore, it was easier to go after blacks, believing they were Republicans, than to go after whites who were more likely to be Democrats.

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