University Of California Pushes Perverse Theory On Sexual Contact For Kids

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It might be an attack on the nuclear family. It might be an attempt to sexualize kids even earlier than they are now. It might be a way to get ahead of the defenses that society teaches young children when it comes to what is healthy and normal when it comes to sex and the hardware little boys come with.

Whatever the case is, it’s a step beyond the pale.

The University of California at Santa Barbara Sociology Department is putting out information for parents that tell them not to set boundaries for the kids when it comes to sexual exploration at young ages.

UCSB’s sociology department created material for parents to encourage their children to explore sexuality on the university’s online platform called SexInfo Online, Fox News reported. The website was created by students from the university who have studied human sexuality. The website includes several sections devoted to sexual education with a specific section devoted to adolescents called “Childhood Sexuality.” …

The section discusses childhood masturbation, sexual play, and sexual attraction between children. The photo on the section includes two young children touching and kissing each other on the lips. The site also tells parents not to discourage their children from masturbating. …

“It is not unusual to see children try to pleasure themselves through physical exploration and masturbation or look at the bodies of other children (especially those of the other sex) because of this natural curiosity. This infatuation, discovery of pleasurable feelings, and desire for knowledge is completely normal,” according to the website.

A child younger than say, eight or nine, really has no way of knowing what the concept of true sexual play is. Yes, small children, especially boys, do explore the equipment that came with them at birth but rarely do they really understand what they are doing. And, yes, for social reasons, parents do need to address this. It does tend to stop at a certain point, though.

Why the sociologists at UCSB is opening this can or worms is anyone’s guess, but unfortunately, all this is going to do is leave the children open to being vulnerable to sexual exploitation as they will be taught no boundaries. That tears at the fabric of society.

Of course, that might be part of the goal here.

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  1. I have no problem with this group, and their effort to disseminate TRUTH. The attempt to imply that children are NOT sexual leads to the concept that they can CHOOSE their sex, which is another liberal delusion.

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