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The Red Hen

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia that asked Sarah Sanders to leave reopened on July 05, 2018 at 1700 hours. While they were able to serve the guest that had reservations the front of the establishment was lined with protestors and no one was able to enter through the front door.

The protestors did not block anyone’s access to the restaurant and they could have walked in the front door, but in true liberal fashion, they snuck them in and out through the rear of the restaurant. There was a sign on the door asking them to enter through the patio entrance off to the side, but I did not see anyone pass through there.

There were a few that did pass by the protestors when they left the restaurant and dinner must have been terrible… They all looked about as miserable as I have ever seen anyone… And I have seen some pretty miserable people around the world in my time. LOL

I want to give a shout out to a group from Maryland called The Patriot Picket. They traveled from Maryland and brought with them plenty of signs for anyone and everyone that showed up or was passing by and wanted to join in the protest… And several people did.

The group is not supported by any wealthy billionaires and their signs were not mass produced by an expensive print shop… These people took the time to make all of the signs they had with them by hand and they had many of them. My wife and I gladly accepted and held one on the line with them.

They are great American Patriots that travel around the area supporting worthy causes to protect our Republic… Check out their Facebook page, give them a like, and find out where the next protest is taking place and join the cause!

It is important though that we not take the pressure off of The Red Hen and those that support what they did to the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family. The owner of the restaurant has not expressed any remorse at all and in fact, continues to boast about what she did as though it is a badge of honor.

I have had many people comment on my pages that we should let this go and not keep the pressure on these people, leave their suppliers alone, we are hurting the employees, etc.,… They assert that we are no better than the liberals by protesting and making our point of view publically known.

Well, my response to that is no, we are not like them, but it is time that the Republican Conservatives start answering all these attacks against the Republic and those that support it… For too long now, every time the Republican’s are wronged, they just take it on the chin, declare their moral superiority, and stay on their backs while the liberals walk all over them and now their footprints are all over the Constitution.

The liberals have managed to dig themselves in hard which is why the country is in the condition it is right now and going downhill fast. They are like petulant spoiled little brats… They got so used to having their way over the past eight years under the Obama Administration that they can’t handle the concept that they lost and are supposed to remain civil until the next opportunity to take it to the ballot box.

Their efforts to shut down any and all speech that does not conform to their way of thinking, harassing government employees and cabinet members of the Trump Administration at their homes and in public with their families, and total unwillingness to even negotiate, compromise, or offer solutions to anything can only lead to one outcome… And it’s not going to be tea and crumpets…

Every time someone offends a liberal, like Laura Ingraham did not long ago when she upset that pencil neck little Hogg kid in Parkland, Florida after the school shooting there, millions of them bombarded her advertisers forcing many of them to withdraw their ads.

Another example would be the way they targeted the National Rifle Association that has probably done more than any single organization in the country to promote safe responsible gun ownership. Millions of people attacked their supporters like the companies that offered discounts and special privileges to their membership forcing many of them to terminate their affiliation.

I could also use the credit card companies and banks as another example. Many of them will no longer allow firearms to be purchased with their cards and refuse to allow firearms dealers to do their banking with them.

It is long past the time for Conservative Republicans to start fighting back and if they want to use guerilla warfare tactics, then we need to get in the trenches and fight fire with fire… They need to know that we have numbers and that we spend money too… Lots of it!

The way we show them that we are better than them is by PEACEFULLY protesting… If there is anyone that thinks had that been a conservative restaurant owner that kicked a liberal cabinet member out that the little town of Lexington, Virginia would not be a pile of ashes right now, they have not been paying attention.

The people protesting at The Red Hen were polite and civil with everyone… Even those that were rude. No one broke any windows, started any buildings on fire, or looted any nearby businesses. There is absolutely nothing wrong though with picketing, engaging people in civil debate, or contacting associations and suppliers that support such practices… Remember, even Jesus got fed up at one point and started turning tables over… God Almighty himself go so disgusted that he poured down rain for forty days and forty nights and turned Sodom and Gomorra into dust…

Please, make yourself known… Show up for a protest… Call your elected representatives… Contact the companies that get involved with politics and discriminate against sound Constitutional doctrine in exchange for social liberalism and tell them how you feel… Use your wallet to send your message to them… Quit being a liberal punching bag!

If you would like more information on The Red Hen and those who support them you can find a good deal of information on my last update by clicking on this link.

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