CREEPER Act Seeks To Outlaw Sex Dolls

Yes, you read that right. The bill currently making its way through Congress that is all about outlawing the toys meant for people into the sexual desire of children (pedophilia) is known as the CREEPER Act.

The bill, H.R. 4655 also known as the “CREEPER Act,” is designed to outlaw the sale and purchase of dolls typically bought by perverse pedophiles to try and replicate sexual relationships with lifelike children-sized sex toys, which lawmakers have argued attempt to “normalize sexual relationships between adults and children,” something many Democrats seemingly believe is acceptable.

The bill was first introduced into the House of Representatives in December of 2017, under the name the CREEPER Act of 2017, or Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act of 2017.

Okay, yeah, CREEPER. If ever there was an appropriate name for an act of Congress.

The bill itself was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations by the Committee on the Judiciary Committee. Rep. Bob Goodlatte is the chair and cites several reasons to support this ban.

”(1) There is a correlation between possession of the obscene dolls, and robots, and possession of and participation in child pornography.”

”(2) The physical features, and potentially the ‘‘personalities’’ of the robots are customizable or morphable and can resemble actual children.”

”(3) Some owners and makers of the robots have made their children interact with the robots as if the robots are members of the family.”

”(4) The robots can have settings that simulate rape.”

”(5) The dolls and robots not only lead to rape, but they make rape easier by teaching the rapist about how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim.”

”(6) For users and children exposed to their use, the dolls and robots normalize submissiveness and normalize sex between adults and minors.”

”(7) As the Supreme Court has recognized, obscene material is often used as part of a method of seducing child victims.”

”(8) The dolls and robots are intrinsically related to abuse of minors, and they cause the exploitation, objectification, abuse, and rape of minors.”

The dolls are supposed to act as stand-ins, but for people who stalk and prey on children for sexual purposes, there’s nothing like the real thing.

Normal adults agree with that sentiment when it comes to the natural way sex is supposed to be. In the same way, dolls are not going to stop sexual predators.

[Goodlatte] also emphasized the fact that Amazon had recently banned the sale of such dolls on their platform, stating that the dolls cost from $10,000 upwards.

Stop and let this sink in just who has a minimum of $10,000 to purchase such a doll to have sex with?

Ladies of the evening on Hollywood Boulevard don’t cost that much.

The CREEPER Act is currently in the Senate. This is but one volley in the war to protect children from sexual predators. Operation Broken Heart which has the Department of Justice breaking up pedophile rings from coast to coast has rescued thousands of children. All attempts at normalizing pedophilia are being met with revulsion. Outlawing the sex dolls is just a part of this effort.

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