DOJ Indicts 12 More Russians For Hacking The DNC and Clinton Emails

The Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein held a press conference to announce the indictment of 12 Russian Intelligence Officers accused of hacking into the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Emails.

The Deputy Attorney General said there were again a number of unwitting Americans and American companies involved in the efforts of Russia to disrupt the 2016 election. There was also a State Campaign that was hacked by them as well and some 100,000 names of registered voters were obtained through their efforts.

Two popular names that we heard during the 2016 campaign, “DCLeaks” and “Gruccifer 2.0” were used to coordinate and obtain the release of incriminating information. They also used cryptocurrency to purchases servers and other things that they needed in order to prevent anyone from connecting them with Russia.

The charges consist of eleven spies charged with conspiracy to commit computer crimes, eight counts of aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy to launder money. A couple of them were charged with a separate conspiracy to commit computer crimes.

Rod Rosenstein reiterated that people are innocent until proven guilty and that people should not assume or speculate on anything but the facts.

You can read the entire indictment below if you want to know all the details.


The Trump News Gazette

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  1. It’s all hear say evidence I have yet to see any hard core evidence. It’s all a bunch of made up Bull crap !
    That’s why the DNC refused to let the FBI have the server that was supposedly been hacked. That proves that the DNC is hiding something. If people start believe these lying Democratic Communists hit the flush handle this country is finished !

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