BOOM! Vietnam Vet Blows A Fuse When Politician Makes HUGE Mistake

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This taking a knee crap has just gone too far. In Connecticut, a local politician has taken to her knees during the Pledge of Allegiance at city council meetings to protest the presidency of Donald Trump.

[Melissa] Schlag said she will continue to kneel during the Pledge until President Donald Trump is no longer in office.

“I will kneel for all the people, regardless of party affiliation, and continue to fight for their rights,” Schlag said. “This is not the America I grew up in or the country we should be, but I will work every day to get us back to that place.”

Oy. This one is stuck in a mainstream media echo chamber that’s for sure.

Schlag’s antics are not sitting well with the entire community, including one Vietnam War veteran (thank you for your service, sir) who went off on Schlag in public.

A Vietnam veteran, Calvin Bunnell, told Schlag that if she was that unhappy with the United States, then he will help pack her bags.

“As it says on my shirt, if you don’t like the flag, I’ll help you pack your bags and get the heck out of here,” Bunnell said.

That echoes the sentiments of a majority of Americans, actually. This is just one country out of over two hundred on the planet. There’s bound to be one to suit. Tootles.

Not everyone thinks this way. There are plenty of people out there including veterans who respect the right to free speech to the point where they will tolerate this sort of behavior. Of course, this is keeping political spin machines employed with statements like this:

“I have the utmost respect for our service members, and I have also served my country in many ways; I believe serving your country and being a patriot does not automatically mean carrying a gun overseas,” Schlag wrote in a Facebook post. “Patriotism comes in many forms.”

Hey, Schlag, those guys carrying a gun in uniform protect your right to insult them by kneeling during patriotic practices. Please, take that into consideration before acting on fashionable convictions.

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  1. And excuse me. It is NOT merely “carrying a gun in uniform overseas”. Using that weapon is helpful. How about putting YOURSELF in harm’s way? No?. I didn’t think so. We did.

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