Street Vandals Failed, Political Vandals Are Trying To Destroy The Trump Star

For some strange reason, President Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has become a flashpoint for those with Trump Anxiety Disorder (now recognized by therapists everywhere). In the last eighteen months, it has been destroyed a few times, attacked with all sorts of weapons, and even was the site of brawls that did result in injuries.

It sounds like the West Hollywood City Council has had enough. They want the star gone. However, they cannot just order it so. They have to petition the City of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to have it done. So, Monday evening, the West Hollywood City Council drafted their reasons for wanting the star gone.

Does any of this sound familiar?

On Monday night, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to ask for the removal of Trump’s star because of the president’s “disturbing treatment of women and other actions that do not meet the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, state, and country.” It cited Trump’s lewd comments on the “Access Hollywood” tape, his policy of separating families at the border and his denial of Russian interference in the 2016 election….

“These are the sort of icons and images that define us as Americans,” West Hollywood Mayor John Duran told The Washington Post late Monday night. “To think that we would pay tribute to someone who’s causing such a horrible disaster to our country’s values.”

Never mind that it is not Trump supporters perpetuating the violence. It is also worth noting that none of those allegations were made before Trump ran for president. If anything, he was hailed as an everyman and gentleman toward women before that time. Interesting how things change.

As for the Walk of Fame and the stars on it honoring men who stand accused in criminal court of sexual crimes, they get to keep theirs.

The council didn’t make such calls for star removal when scores of powerful men in Hollywood were accused of misconduct amid the #MeToo movement. It did not pass a similar resolution to eliminate the star of Bill Cosby after the disgraced comedian was convicted of sexual assault.

“They’ve had their day in court, they’ve had their trial,” Duran said of men such as Cosby. But this time is different, Duran said, because Trump is the “leader of the free world.” “There’s a sense of lawlessness that is occurring that is largely being orchestrated by the president.” The council passed the resolution not because Trump is a conservative or Republican, Duran said, but because he has created a “constitutional crisis.”

Yeah, there’s no good way to reconcile that statement. Total hypocrisy.

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  1. The truth will eventually shake out. Hypocrit L.A. will be remembered for the ruthless selfish backstabbing coward it is. Try to change history. Too many of us won’t forget.

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