Should Controversial Religious Beliefs Keep This Woman Out Of Congress

When disgraced Rep. John Conyers of Michigan announced he was resigning/retiring, most congressional observers had mixed feelings. One of the densest members of the Democratic side of the aisle would be gone, but so would one of the poster children for all things that were wrong with the Democratic party including a severely gerrymandered district in Detroit, Michigan.

It was never thought that Conyers’s seat would flip, but few thought the nomination for the seat would go to a Muslim woman.

And in January,Rashida Tlaib is set to become America’s first-ever Muslim congresswoman.

The 42-year-old Detroit native, whose father worked at a Ford plant, clinched a Democratic primary in Michigan and won the right to run unopposed in a U.S. House race this fall.

There is no Republican challenger in this district. Therefore, the general election vote in November is a formality.

Tlaib joins a handful of other Muslims in Congress including Senator Cory Booker, and Keith Ellison of Minnesota both who have proven that they are as un-American in their viewpoints and voting records as is possible. Tlaib is not alone being a Muslim woman running for Congress.

Several other Muslim women are also running for Congress, in districts where primaries have not yet occurred — including Minnesota state representative Ilhan Omar, who is running for the House, Deedra Abboud, who is running for Senate in Arizona, and Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, who is making a bid for a House seat in Massachusetts.

That’s enough for their own caucus, and should be enough to scare the bejeezus out of red-blooded Americans who are fighting tooth and nail to get the country back after three decades of deep state control.

It is part of Muslim culture to move into a new locale and very gradually take over by becoming leaders and outbreeding the locals. This appears to be happening in the sorts of people running for Congress. Thanks to the Democrats and their gerrymandered districts…

Be afraid. be very afraid. John Conyers might well have been the lesser of two evils.

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  1. Actually, yes; Booker and Ellison have proven consistently that their supposed oaths to the Constitution to serve in Congress mean exactly NOTHING to them and this woman will almost certainly be the same. Practicing Muslims can only swear allegiance to sharia, but they CAN and do lie to non-Muslims to further the cause of Islam

  2. Yes, she is a known backer for wanting Muslim LAW the only thing she should have a right to do, is returning to the infested Ill MORAL country she came from. The only thing worse than a Muslim jihadist is the WOMEN behind them, she will put herself and children in harm’s way to support them. “WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE WOULD DO TO YOU?” Given the chance. There are thousand deserving Muslim Men and Women in this country, That have supported and fought for the USA, and to help their own country. “SHE IS NOT ONE OF THEM”

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