OUTSTANDING! After Being Booted By Major Social Media Platforms, InfoWars Gets Good News

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Well… Well… Well… It looks like the Social Media Communist Nanny’s who have decided that’s it’s their job to determine what. we the people, should be viewing and listening to… Of course, while they have policies and rules that list things like “hate speech” or “abusive content” they don’t describe what such things mean… When they are banning things like the Bible and rely on organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center telling them the Catholic Church is a hate group while allowing anything Muslim groups or Antifa publish to remain in the public square reasonable people have no frickin clue what is or is not acceptable and why… We have to post it and pray we avoid scrutiny from the Communist nanny’s.

There does seem to be a pattern though that reasonable people can clearly identify yet they DickTators of these social media platforms have all been before Congress and swear those reasonable people are wrong… Wrong about what? COme on now, if you are reading this you know how things are. LOL 🙂

OK, just because I get the occasional hate mail from liberals who are offended, I better identify the pattern for them. It’s pretty simple really… If you are identified as a conservative Republican, you get banned! If you are a liberal Democrat or Muslim, regardless of known association with terrorist organizations… No need to worry, you have immunity.

As the sayings go though, some things are a blessing in disguise, and for Alex Jones and his InfoWars program being banned from the Communist Social Media Sites, it has definitely been a blessing in disguise.

Just a few days after Alex Jones was removed by the Socialist Media Companies his stand-alone InfoWars app has become the Number One overall “trending” app on the Google Play Store… Yop, that’s number one, numero uno… The InfoWars app has also become the Number Three app on Apple and the Number Five app on Google… That puts InfoWars above ALL of the mainstream media news publishers… It is also above popular apps like eBay, LinkedIn, and Google Docs… The InfoWars app has gone from a few hundred to a couple thousand downloads a day to upwards of 40,000 downloads a day…

Whether you like Alex Jones or not, I’m pretty confident you agree on the concept of free speech. Now these social media platforms like Facebook and Google that pretty much have a monopoly on these things and lure us all in encouraging us to put our lives on their platforms and even encourage us to use their pages to build our business are not part of the government, therefore, the First Amendment does not apply to them… What should apply to them as American Corporations though is the concept of free and open speech, good or bad, letting the people discern for themselves what is right or wrong and what is true or false… Personally, I think it’s pretty condescending of them to think they need to protect me from reading or viewing anything as if I can’t make those decisions on my own.

Alex Jones and his InfoWars program will be able to ride this publicity wave for a long time I imagine, but one of the most unreported stories, if reported at all, is the number of lives Facebook has destroyed after encouraging people to grow their business… The business that provided for them and their families… And then they just shut them down… No warnings, no way to speak with anyone to resolve any issues that may or may not exist, nothing…

How long will people tolerate this? How long with they support this? The founders hit the nail on the head when they wrote this in the Declaration of Independence:

“All experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

America could use a dose of the courage and wisdom her founders possessed.

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