Czech Republic Rejects African Migrants, Calls Them Lazy

It would be nice if more leaders in western Europe and North America would be as honest as those in Eastern Europe. Many eastern nations have opted to not take migrants from what is known as black Africa. Their reasons are really rather practical. The people don’t want to work, they only want welfare.

As of this week, add the Czech Republic to the list of nations resisting taking “migrants” imposed on them by the European Union. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš made it very clear in an interview this week that the small nation is willing to accept immigrants into the country so long as they are there to work and contribute to the prosperity of the nation.

Video transcript:

00:00 Why isn’t there migration from African countries?
00:04 Because we don’t want people here… —This would, however,
00:09 solve the problems you mentioned; we have an exceptionally low unemployment level.
00:12 We’re taking care of this problem, we’re accepting people. —But why
00:16 not precisely from those countries? —Simply because our companies
00:20 are choosing other countries of origin. They don’t want to hire people coming from black Africa.
00:25 They want people from Ukraine, Serbia, Mongolia, and other countries. So we have
00:29 the right to make a choice; our companies can choose the employees they need.
00:33 It’s not the job of Italian Prime Minister Conte to choose for us.
00:37 Incidentally, HIS migrants don’t want to work.
00:41 They arrive only to get welfare. Those are people who
00:45 have paid smuggling mafia. —How do you know that?
00:50 I know it because according to Europol they spent €5.7 billion.
00:54 It’s a business; it’s a smuggling mafia.

And there is the truth that those pushing the entire migrant situation on the civilized world do not want to be known. Many of the so-called migrants are part of a huge smuggling operation to bankrupt prosperous nations. Some nations turn a blind eye to this reality. Those who have been freed from another sort of oppression – the Iron Curtain- aren’t falling for the bleeding heart rhetoric.

Good for them, and good for the Czech Republic.

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