Liberals Are Livid Over The Expense To TaxPayers For The Trump Business To Continue

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Recently Donald Trump Jr. took a trip to India where he promoted his business and it cost taxpayers tens of thousands, and there is yet more unaccounted for, the Washington Post reports.

Trump paid a visit to India in February where he had a meeting with buyers of four Trump luxury residential real estate projects in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and outside the capital, New Delhi.

From IJR:

The government fronted $15,166 for accommodations along with another bill for $3,501 for the president’s son’s first stop in Mumbai. Accommodations cost $13,468 for Trump Jr. and his Secret Service detail in Pune, India. In total, the documents obtained showed $32,135 in expenses for the trip.

Some ethics experts aren’t happy with the spending. Vice Chairman on the San Fransisco Ethics Commission, Quentin L. Kopp, filed a lawsuit this week, claiming that the Secret Service is violating the Freedom of Information Act by not providing details of the expenses of the trip.

“It’s private business at the expense of taxpayers,” Kopp said. “I’m a taxpayer. I resent it.”

The Trump children have been under fire before in their dealing with the business since the cost to keep them protected by Secret Service can be enormous.

Last year, the Secret Service spent over $200,000 accompanying Don Jr. and Eric Trump on a trip to the United Arab Emirates last year, promoting their new golf club.

In addition to the over $23,000 spent on accommodation in February, the report also lists $9,880 expense for a “VIP visit“ to Kolkata, India. It is unclear who the ”VIP” is.

The records listing the cost of the trip to the capital are not yet available.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service, Catherine Milhoan, declined to comment on the details of Trump’s trip. “U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the specifics of protectees’ trips,” she told the Post.

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    • Thought I would give you some valuable advice for you to never forget to always keep a clean white sheet with you because you never know when a KKK rally can happen and it would be so very embarrassing for you to show up in a dirty sheet.

    • And as a conservative, you are of course, lying. Michelle nor the kids took “hundreds” of vacation. And as a conservative, you are following the conservative mantra of projection and transference, where you accuse your opponents of all your own failings and since.

  1. Well, let’s see the details of all the trips Hussein & Family took..

    And if the left wasn’t threading physical harm – and DEATH – at the Trump “kids”, they wouldn’t need Secret Service protection!

  2. I’m not an obomba fan but his kids weren’t traveling the world on taxpayers money for personal businesses. Hell, his daughter/gf took a gov helicopter to China where she got 35 business licenses for Her personal business! The entire family are crooks! Tiffany may be the only exception aside from Baron.

  3. I want an accounting of the cost of the 8 years Obama was in office. Let’s see, his family of 4, plus the mother in law, plus any , and ALL that went along for the ride.
    Michelle Ibama and kids and her mother, went on so many damn trips, without Ibama, I want to know , each and every trip, for how long, and what did it cost US.
    I also want to know how much the Obamas paid for their own food and other essentials, that they are suppose to pay.
    Knowing the Trump family, I bet , besides the Secret Servive, the family paid for it on their own dime.
    Figures the liberals would bitch about this. Nothing surprises me anymore with these iillerate assholes.
    And, of course, it’s San Francisco, California again, leading the charge. Real name, “Tent City”.


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