‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth When You Need Him’: Another Celebrity Just Made A Twisted Joke About Assassination

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Since the election, numerous celebrities, especially in the realm of Hollywood have been very vocal critics of President Donald Trump, some even have joked about wanting Trump dead.

This time, it was Broadway star, Carole Cook.

While being interviewed by TMZ, Cook replied to a question about an event that had happened during a production of the Broadway show “Frozen.”

In the midst of a curtain call at the end of a show, a Trump supporter wanting to create a distraction unfolded a “Trump 2020” flag, but one of the cast members took the flag and threw it off the stage.

In the light of the event, many — including the cast member himself — showed anger that politics was brought into a Broadway show designed for children.

Answering to this incident, a photographer for TMZ asked Cook about her thoughts on the incident.

“Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” Cooke responded.

The TMZ photographer was obviously taken aback by the statement, which caused Cook to ask if he knew who Booth was.

“That’s what you say?” the photographer asked, adding, “I know who John Wilkes Booth is.”

“So we need to kill President Trump?” another nearby reporter asked.

“Why not?” Cook quipped.

Though Cook is the latest celebrity to joke about Trump’s death, she isn’t the only celebrity to do so
Comedian Kathy Griffin scandalously took a photograph depicting the president’s decapitated head, and actor Jim Carrey drew a cartoon of someone peeing on Trump’s grave.

Seemingly, the statement made those listening to be extremely shocked, but Cook appeared soo excited about the potential adverse reaction from her statement.

“Now, will that get me in trouble? Will I be on an enemies list?” Cook asked.

The reporters and photographers acknowledged that she will likely be subjected to some backlash for making a twisted joke about presidential assassination.

“My God, I hope so,” Cook said in response to the affirmation from reporters. “Just keep me out of jail — or maybe not.”

Whereas it’s hard to believe that Cook will face criminal punishment for these remarks, many were not glad to hear those words:

These spiteful jokes have become very common for some of today’s Hollywood actors. Before his infamous assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Booth was an actor, too.

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