Feinstein Pulls Desperate 11th Hour Stunt Utilizing The FBI In An Effort To Block Judge Kavanaugh

Here we go again… It looks like the Democrats are making one last final and desperate attempt to block the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh… And is it ever desperate?

So here is the story as it’s being reported. Apparently, a Stanford Law Professor has written a letter that was sent to Anna Eshoo, a Democrat Representative for California’s 18th Congressional District. Representative Eshoo then forwarded this super secret letter to Senator Feinstein, who then sent it along with a referral to the FBI for further investigation.

One might think, “oh no, they found something incriminating that will end his chance of being nominated to the Supreme Court.” That would be exactly what they want everyone to think… They are going after the weak RINO’s vote hoping that this will prompt them to pause and vote no if the FBI is not allowed time to investigate the information contained in the letter.

If you watched the confirmation hearing you might remember Senator Kamala Harris from California asking Judge Kavanaugh a cryptic question about who he discussed the Mueller Investigation with that worked for a well known large law firm of three thousand attorneys with offices in nine states… She cautioned him to be very careful because he was under oath.

Judge Kavanaugh had no idea what she was talking about and asked her several times if she could give him a name of the person she thought he may have spoken with, but she dismissed his request insinuating that he knew who she was talking about. Kavanaugh assured her that he had not had any inappropriate conversations with anyone and they moved on.

Over the next two days of hearings, several other senators would strategically bring that question up asking him who he spoke with inside the law firm and what he said to them. Judge Kavanaugh continued to maintain that he knew many lawyers but was unaware which of them may work for that specific law firm and that he had had no inappropriate conversations.

No one ever produced any documents or provided a name of who they were asking about but the seed of doubt was placed in the minds of the gullible just as they had planned. It was nothing more than a tactic to cast a shadow of doubt on his character.

Why do I remind you of that scum bag move by the liberal Senators on the panel? Because from what’s being reported about this letter, I think it’s a pretty safe bet they are doing the same thing with this letter.

Reports are that this letter has something to do with Judge Kavanaugh and some girl when they were in high school… Yes, I said HIGH SCHOOL!

Judge Kavanaugh went to Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland. Georgetown Preparatory School is the only Jesuit boarding school in the United States… I can’t imagine what the accusation is… Perhaps he stole her virginity during some sporting event under the bleachers and now she is having regrets. The woman who is in question has asked for her identity to be kept secret and she is represented by an attorney named Debra Katz who promotes herself as DC’s leading #MeToo lawyer.

So after all the hoopla about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, weeks of meetings with Senators and a week of being grilled on national television, this woman comes forward with this letter that one of the leading Democratic Senators sent to the FBI for further investigation right before the Senate is scheduled to vote… Na, nothing seems strange about that to me… How about you?

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  1. You can smell the Democrat desparation in their every word and move…pure political kibuki theater…no substantive objections …if you cant stop him with facts ..try to Bork him with bull scat…atypical party of the jack ass media backed Tweedisms.
    You have to remember if you want to learn about the political tactics of the jack assians just study their role model for all things politique…Boss Tweed…controlled the media, used illegals for voting in different districts, used the dead to like wise , weaponized the govt.against political enemies , used graft, owned judges, crony capitalist, and made people disappear if he sensed they had sensitve info on him and there was a scintilla of a chance they might turn on him, used extortion , scandal, and insider info to control his cronies…

  2. Even if such an accusation were proven, what about the actions IN OFFICE (and in some cases IN THE OFFICE), of Bill CLinton, and John F. Kennedy? Surely their adult picadillos are of more significance.
    Just another desperate attempt on the liberals’ part to block approval.

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