Trump Took Time Out Of His New York Trip To Call WWII Marine With A Special Message

Friends and family remembering a birthday are always special. Just imagine if the person on the other end of the call, though, is someone infinitely more consequential. Like, the President of the United States. A World War II veteran, a Marine who served in the Pacific Theater originally from the Bronx, received just such a call on his one-hundredth birthday this week.

With the help of an assistant on social media, Marine Sam Nebesky has chronicled the celebration of his 100th birthday on the social media network.

“Thank you, Donald Trump, for taking the time to call this old Marine to wish me a happy 100th birthday today!” Nebesky wrote on Wednesday. “I can’t believe it!”

“Thank you for all you’re doing for our country & our nation’s veterans,” he continued in his note to Trump. “You have made me happy & proud. I’ll never forget it!”

A volunteer for honor flights, the program that escorts World War II veterans to Washington, D.C., to see the WWII war memorial helped make the arrangements with President Trump’s social media coordinator, Dan Scavino, after he spotted the hashtag. Not only did President Trump wish this special man a Happy Birthday, but so did the Commandant of the Marine Corps. 
Sam celebrated his special birthday with barbeque. He also explained what it meant to be a service member in WWII.

“I’m one of the lucky Marines, the day you said goodbye to your loved ones you never knew if you would see them again,” Nebesky said to Breitbart News in a statement.

He was stationed in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific and in Okinawa, just off the coast of Japan, and then on to Yokosuka, a military base the Japanese surrendered to the US Navy in 1945.

“Every man wanted to serve the country; it was our duty as Americans,” Nebesky said.

Happy Birthday, Sam.

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