Actress Ellen Barkin Claims Trump Should Be Removed… But Not Just From Office

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Actress Ellen Barkin tweeted, Monday, that removing President Trump from office wouldn’t be enough.

“this man should be removed…and not just from office,” Ellen Barkin said of President Trump. The Animal Kingdom Star backlashed to a video in which President Trump demanded that CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins ask questions about the newly minted trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

From Breitbart:

President Trump insisted that Collins ask “a question about trade.” The CNN reporter repeatedly attempted to ask a question about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump later answered Collins’s Kavanaugh question. When she later attempted to ask a third question related to Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump moved on, telling her “you’ve really had enough.”

Barkin’s tweet about President Trump comes just days after she declared that she’s only interested in being around “like-minded thinkers” after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee.

“Dear scum of the earth,” Barkin’s tweet began. “In case some haven’t noticed, I am not looking to make any new friends right now,” she wrote. “I don’t care what you think, not now. let me rest. leave me alone with like-minded thinkers until I can see again.”

In 2012, Barkin made light of the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart. The actress also suggested that Breitbart’s supporters are “evil assholes.”

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