New York Attorney General Doubles Down On Dissolving Trump Foundation

To paraphrase a famous Biblical passage, politics is politics, all is politics, and in New York State that means accusing a generous billionaire who just happened to run for president, won, and is systematically dismantling the Wall Street transfer American wealth offshore scheme of using donations to his charitable foundation for campaign purposes.

That’s actually a Clinton trick, but we’re not supposed to know about that.

Yes, it is true, there is still a lawsuit out there filed by the previous New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who resigned due to credible accusations of physical abuse against women. The new AG in that state, Barbara Underwood, has decided that the suit must go on.

The New York Attorney General’s Office is urging a state court not to dismiss its lawsuit against President Trump’s charitable foundation, saying the foundation has repeatedly violated state and federal laws.

Attorney General Barbara Underwood said the Donald J. Trump Foundation “was a shell corporation that functioned as a checkbook from which the business entity known as the Trump Organization made payments.”

Underwood sued the foundation in June, saying it repeatedly solicited money from donors and then used it for campaign-related purposes, violating federal election law. The money was also used to benefit Trump’ business interests, by settling legal claims against it, for example, Underwood said.

Underwood also said that Trump’s three oldest children — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump — had exercised no real control over the foundation’s activities, despite being nominal board members.

Uh, actually, boards of charitable foundations rarely do much other than show up to a few meetings a year and approve budgets. They really are not involved much, unless there are mass market activities like walks, rides, and rock-a-thons.

However, since the Trump Foundation has done all of its paperwork, and provided their 990s to Charity Navigator and has not landed on the watch list, unlike the Clinton Foundation that never bothered with little things like keeping proper records before they were put in the penalty box, there probably is nothing to the charges against the organization. The lawsuit really does look to be political in nature.

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  1. The Clinton Foundation gave only 10% of their proceeds and only to Democrat causes. New York Democrats wouldn’t go after her campaign money laundering operation, but they will try to take down Trump’s actual charity organization. Don’t be surprised when they try to change tax law and make it retroactive.

  2. Amazing! Nothing on Clinton Foundation but Trump’s Foundattion is investigated. Political intentions and pressure.

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