The 3rd Quarter Cable News Ratings Are Out And One Network Is Going Up In Flames

Well, here we go again… Nielsen Media Research has released the 2018 third-quarter results for cable news shows and one network has proven to be the joke, President Trump makes of them on an almost daily basis.

Before we enjoy a good laugh at the complete failure of the bunch let’s talk about who dominates the cable news networks… I’ll give you one hint… It’s not a liberal network.

That’s right, if you guessed Fox News you are correct… It is also the only conservative cable news network and in spite of the liberals believing American conservatives are the minority, Fox News just entered the record books as the number one most watched cable news network for the 67th quarter in a row… That’s right for 67 consecutive quarters the Fox News cable network has dominated the market with more people tuning into their network than any other.

For those of you wondering, 67 calendar quarters is an impressive 16.75 YEARS! That’s right, the most criticized, hated network of the liberal loon community has been leaving footprints on the backside of other networks like MSNBC and CNN as they walk right over them for almost 17 years now.

What will no doubt tick them off, even more, is that Sean Hannity is the number one highest rated weekly cable news program… Yeah, the Sean Hannity the liberal loons like to tease and criticize for being an unapologetic supporter of President Trump… Don’t you just love knowing liberals everywhere are bashing their heads against the wall wondering how it happened? I guess the “deplorable” population with their receivers tuned in to President Trump’s dog whistle are larger in number than Hillary realizes. LOL

Fox News pretty much dominates the top of the charts with one irregularity which is really hard to understand… It’s actually a bit scary if you think about it… The liberal loon Rachel Maddow at MSNBC managed to steal the number two weekly cable news program slot… To be honest, I have never watched her show, but over the years writing stories for various blogs I have had to watch brief clips of her program… In all seriousness, it is painful listening to that woman spew nothing but ignorance out of her cock holster and I can’t imagine anyone being able to watch her show for a full hour.

Falling into the third most-watched program is Tucker Carlson followed by Laura Ingraham in fourth place… Fox News straight up dominates cable news!

Of course, there are always winners and losers and I imagine by now you are already thinking CNN must be the loser… If that was your thought, you were absolutely correct… CNN did not just make a poor showing in the rankings… They made an embarrassing pitiful showing in the rankings. LOL

One has to look all the way toward the end of the list to find their first appearance in the 23rd slot where Cuomo Prime Time managed to earn a spot. They even managed to grab the 24th slot thanks to the fine reporting by Anderson Cooper. I guess the management at CNN must be grateful there are vendors in airports and bus stations that will accept payment from them in return for tuning their televisions into their network. LOL

The only people that could possibly be surprised by CNN’s poor ratings are the clowns reporting fake news for them… I get a kick out of Jim Acosta always complaining about President Trump calling them “fake news” and blaming him for the way people treat the network when they are in the field doing live shots… I can remember being at the Veterans March when Obama closed down the veteran memorials with the rest of the government and when CNN arrived and started setting up the entire crowd started chanting “Go home CNN!… Go home CNN!” People have been onto their fake news BS for years… Long before President Trump started rubbing their face in it.

One would think a network that has had a mere handful of viewers for years now would eventually toss in the towel and give it up… They are an embarrassment to cable news networks.

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