JUST IN: Nikki Haley Resigns From Her Position At The UN

Nikki Haley has shocked the world this morning announcing her resignation that will probably go down in history as the only secret ever kept in Washington, D.C…

Nikki Haley was confirmed in January 2017 with a bipartisan 96-4 vote.

Over the weekend there was a report that a government watchdog group has asked that there be an investigation into her use of private jets to make a number of flights to Washington, D.C., and South Carolina. She reported the flights on her financial reports but the value of the flights is unknown but suspected to be worth tens of thousands.

The federal ethics regulations prevent employees from soliciting or accepting gifts because of their official positions. Nikki Haley claimed on her financial disclosure report that she was personal friends with the three South Carolina businessmen involved.

The watchdog group wants the Senate to investigate and determine if the flights meet the personal relationship exemption. The watchdog group believes that because the three businessmen donated to her South Carolina gubernatorial race that her relationship with them has serious political and professional components that might cross the line.

The watchdog group admits that the relationship with the businessmen creates no direct conflict with her position at the U.N. but believe her relationship with the President makes her a valuable contact for anyone affected by his administration’s policies.

At a press conference this morning with her and President Trump the President revealed that she had told him about six months ago that she wanted to take a break at the end of the year… She has been at the United Nations for two years now and prior to that, she was the Governor of South Carolina for six years so she has had a rather intense schedule for the past eight years for a wife and mother of two children.

The President joked that he hoped she would return sometime in the future jokingly saying she could have her pick of positions.

Nikki Haley thanked everyone for the opportunity and gave special thanks to not just the President but to his wife Melania as well as Ivanka and Jarred pointing out that Jarred is “such a silent gem” who has done a lot to help the country.

Nikki Haley also said that she would not be running for President in 2020 but that she will be supporting President Trump. She will be remaining in her position at the United Nations until the end of the year.

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  1. So she flew home with friends? People who donated to her political campaigns (friends of such people usually DO donate). And she reported these flights. Hardly sounds fishy to me.

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