Concerned Woman Gets Slapped With Racism Charge — Rightfully So

It’s a delicate line we walk in the United States, concern for children who might be in danger and jumping to conclusions. While it is not commonly known just how many people of any one race are abducted by members of any other, seeing a black man with two white children can look suspicious. The problem comes in when a concerned citizen steps in.

A Georgia woman has been accused of racial profiling after she called the police on an African-American man who was babysitting two white children.

Corey Lewis, the babysitter, accuses the woman of following and harassing him for the better part of an hour on Sunday afternoon in Marietta, Georgia.

Lewis said he first noticed the woman staring at him as he returned to his car after taking the kids to Subway. Lewis said the woman then drove up alongside his vehicle to ask if the brother and sister were OK.

“Why wouldn’t they be OK?,” Lewis said he responded. His answer did not satisfy the woman who was apparently concerned for the children’s safety.

If there are no obvious signs of abuse or kidnapping, the kids are probably okay. Really. Not all black men are nefarious characters. In fact, many are quite honorable and this man who was just babysitting is one of them. The woman who stopped to ask if the kids were okay took down Lewis’s license plate number, followed him home where police were waiting.

She now faces a racism charge from Lewis.

“It never occurred to me that someone would see us and decide to take such judgment that she took,” said Lewis, who runs a local community group. “In 2018, prejudiced people exist. We are still being judged, we are still being discriminated against,” he said.

That is not right when all these people are doing is going through their daily lives.

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