Hillary Clinton Now Encouraging Democrats To Do Away With Civility

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Well America, I guess according to Hillary Clinton it is now time to toss aside all efforts to resolve our differences through civil discourse and lock and load!

In a recent interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Hillary Clinton unapologetically called for a civil war with the following statement:

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

I’m not quite sure how much more reckless a Democrat leader can be other than to open an armory and start handing out rifles to the liberal loons that are stopping traffic and assaulting drivers as we recently saw in Portland while the democratic leadership of the city ordered the police to stand back and watch senior citizens getting attacked.

I find her comments entertaining as well as dangerous when I think about her comments to President Trump on the importance of the peaceful transfer of power that makes America so much more civil and different than other nations.

Frankly though, while I would hate to see it happen, if the liberal loons in this country that can no longer identify the sexual difference between one another and stand outside restrooms marked separately for men and women because they don’t know which one to use want to do away with formalities then lets rock and roll!

Seriously, where does someone like Hillary Clinton think her sort of rhetoric will lead things? Unlike Republicans who believe in thinking for themselves who tend to fact check everything their party leadership tells them, these young liberal loons inciting violence all over the country believe anything and everything they are told by their rulers without question.

That being the case, it’s easy to understand how things could go from bad to worse in a hurry… I know if I was being told that the Democrats were trying to destroy the Republic I love by responsible Republican leadership and actually believed the only thing the Democrats understood was strength, I’m not so sure I would wait around for them to take over and start tossing people in concentration camps.

We have already had one liberal loon seek out Republican members of Congress and damn near kill several of them on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia and there have been countless Republicans attacked at protest around the country by liberal loons… Even those dumb ass white supremacist in Charlottesville did not start the physical aggression that lead to one death that day… It was a bunch of liberal loons that were allowed to attend wearing mask carrying clubs in plain view without being challenged by law enforcement.

Like a lot of Americans, I was not a happy camper when President Obama was in office and believe his constant criticism of the police along with his Attorney General who felt the need to tell his fellow African-Americans that the police where hunting them down to kill them because they were all racist is why we have seen so many police officers shot and killed on the job over the past few years.

While I remember Republicans protesting on occasion I can’t recall anything taking place even close to the level of violence from the liberal loons these days. I know they like to point to the nut that shot up the Church in South Carolina and a couple of other incidents but none of them were actively involved politically… Flying a Rebel flag and espousing racist beliefs does not make one a member of the Republican Party contrary to the liberal loons belief that we are all a bunch of old racist white men.

And one thing that I certainly do not remember is any of the Republican leadership or even active members of Republican organizations telling the party to attack Democrats anywhere they can find them or that the only thing the Democrats understand is strength and to toss out civility when dealing with them.

We get a lot of hate mail and messages here at the Trump News Gazette and I am ALWAYS willing to engage any liberal in intelligent civil debate but but over the years I can count on one hand the number of liberals that have managed to even present a rational argument on anything without calling me a racist or going straight to vulgar insults. That’s all you can get out of people who have no rational argument who are totally unfamiliar with the issues they are protesting.

I wonder how Hillary Clinton and the likes of Maxine Waters will feel when the Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., have to tell their fellow American’s to lock and load? It has happened before and only a fool would think it could never happen again… I hope the liberal loons wake up and realize they are part of an American Republic, not a Democracy as they always identify the country… The United States of America… We have our differences and while not perfect have the best system in the world that was designed with the understanding that not all American’s will have the same beliefs and needed a system that facilitated the peaceful debate and resolution of their differences.

There is no way any person or political party will ever manage to make all 300 million plus Americans happy all the time… There will always be some things that some like and some things that others don’t… It’s something everyone needs to accept and learn to work with… When you resolve that civility will no longer work because you did not get your way and don’t like the person who won the election the only thing left is violence and physical force…

Is that what you really want Hillary? Remember, the people you have decided to no longer be civil with are the ones that cling to their bibles and guns…

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