Miniature Statues Of President Trump Appear In Brooklyn With “Pee On Me” Signs On The Base

Well, here we go again… Another liberal loon executing an act of juvenile ignorance that can not and will never lead to any sort of civil discourse… In fact, nothing productive or civil can come from such juvenile conduct…

What we have is some pompous advertising executive named Phil Gable who has created a bunch of small statutes of a young Donald Trump with a yellow sign on all four sides of the base that reads “Pee On Me.”

Phil then placed the statues around Brooklyn on a patch of grass and sprayed dog potty-training scent all over them to encourage dogs to pee on the mini statues.

According to Phil, he went with a younger looking Trump because he imagines that is how President Trump sees himself, especially when he’s paying Russian escorts for golden showers… Phil must have spent too much time reading the Steel Dossier…

Phil believes the “Pee on Me” statues are a funny way to express the disgust that so many of us feel and says the reaction he has received from neighbors in his upscale Park Slope neighborhood has been nothing but positive…

Clearly, Phil has lived a very sheltered life surrounded by nothing but a bunch of pompous imbeciles with too much time on their hands…

Phil is a shining example of why we do not want to let the liberal loons get control of any branch of government in the midterm elections coming up… The Democrats enjoyed a full eight years of control and the people finally had enough of them… They arrogantly reminded Republicans every chance they had that elections have consequences and accomplished nothing…

What Phil Gable has done here is despicable and is just one more act of stupidity leading the country toward total civil disarray and best… Civil War likely if civility is not restored... Setting statues of the president around town for dogs—and likely people—to pee on can accomplish nothing positive.

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  1. Irritating a bear is not a good idea. Getting between a she bear and her cubs is fatal. Something good could come of this. It could get rid of a bunch of scumbags who refuse to work and want the government to support them.

  2. I think its high time you people grow up and quit acting worst than a child does when he or she can’t get there way.

  3. I BLAME The liberal media outlets for the disrespect and outright lying occurring all day every day. There are people who are highly influenced by all the liberal noise that foments hate. Trump has done well, yet is seldom recognized for this administration’s achievements which are many, and benefit all. Mr. Gable should, at the least, be fined for littering.

  4. This was a disruption of the communist agenda, the young people have been brainwashed into believing that the government can provide everything for them, so there is no reason for them to work for a living. The (communist) democrats are mad. They are the pied piper leading them in a false sense of security. Communist Russia said a long time ago, they would win the war through our education system. And look what is happening. Pray…we need Jesus to lead our nation out of this tragedy. If you want some truth, read the King James bible and it will show everything that is happening.

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