President Threatens Military Force At Border If Caravan Continues


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The family caravan traveling through Mexico now and toward the southern United States border is really beginning to look like an invasion staged from the south. The column is now over 4,000 strong and thanks to President Donald Trump’s twitter feed, we know exactly what he is threatening to do to keep the criminals, drugs, and undocumented people out of the country.

It’s not all that often an American president calls on the military for self-defense of the homeland. But this one says he is willing to do it in order to keep the rest of us safe.

As for the matters of foreign relations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, fresh from dealing with the mess in Turkey regarding a journalist who is reported to have been murdered, but so far no hard evidence or body has come to light to confirm that story, is headed to Mexico to talk about this situation.

News emerged Wednesday that the number of illegal immigrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has jumped 80 per cent since Trump ended his ‘zero tolerance’ policy in June, with U.S. Border Patrol agents arresting 16,658 family members in September. That’s the highest one-month total on record.

The Washington Post obtained unpublished Department of Homeland Security statistics and published them three weeks before a contentious midterm election, while Trump is urging Republicans to make immigration their number one issue on the campaign trail.

‘We’re getting hammered daily,’ said one Border Patrol agent in South Texas told The Post.

If this is true, the timing of the information coming out this close to the Midterm election is interesting.

But, I digress.

The claim supporting such migration from the south is that the people are looking to escape violence and poverty in their own countries, which may well be true. However, also this close to the Midterm elections having thousands of newly undocumented people crossing the border when voter fraud has yet to be thoroughly addressed is more than a little irresponsible if the government lets it happen.

The Department of Homeland Security, in a statement, blamed congressional inaction and said the high illegal immigrant flow would likely continue without movement on on Capitol Hill.

‘Our nation faces a dangerous crisis on the border that threatens American communities. Congress refuses to close catch-and-release loopholes in the law that would allow authorities to detain and remove family units safely and expeditiously. While we do not have official numbers to report at this time, current trends indicate enforcement efforts against single adults entering illegally have been hugely successful,’ said Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Katie Waldman.

‘However, the removal of actual family units, or those posing as family units, has been made virtually impossible by Congressional inaction – which will most likely result in record numbers of families arriving illegally in the United States this year. At the direction of the President, DHS is continuing to examine all options to secure the border and keep American communities safe, including working with our partners in Central America and Mexico.’

And yet another reason to vote Republican and send a message to the swamp that we want that wall and the southern border secured.


  1. This is nothing more than a ploy by the hard left to hurt republicans in the election. Get Trump to do something stupid like all the recent stupid things they have pulled. Take the pressure of themselves and dump it back on the R just before the election. WE ARE BROKE. We can not afford to support the entire world. Not even if we are taxed at 100% of our pay, we simply can’t do it. We have limits, Obama saw to it we exceeded those in his attempt to break us before Killary took over so we could be reformed as a socialist nation under the one world order. We need to slam on the brakes, and we need to hit them hard, and fast.

  2. What ever it takes. I am sick to death of supporting the entire continent. We send their nations cash and they send us their hungry! Not a fair trade at all. Stop the madness. Stop the porous border. Congress….get off your asses and do what we pay you to do. Change the laws, no anchor babies, no free rent, food, clothes, medical care. No chain migration. WE need to pick and choose who comes to this nation, not be force fed what they choose to send us. What about our rights? No borders, no nation. Then again that is what the hard left has been trying to do all along, destroy our nation, break our financial backs. I am disgusted with them all. Military is what it takes, military is what we should use.

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