Republican Renaisance Sees Midterm Fundraising Records Broken


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In a democratically elected government, even a republic, getting elected is one thing. Maintaining that power is something else. Traditionally in the United States in the elections known as the Midterms, the Congressional elections and those for the state houses that happen in non-presidential election years, the party in control of the White House tends to lose seats, and sometimes control, in the legislatures.

In 2018, there is evidence that this might be the year that does not happen.

The Democratic Party is needing to use resources for more than one “safe” seat in states they control like New Jersey. Some candidates have all but been abandoned they are so far behind. Political moves used to block a Supreme Court candidate backfired as the man was falsely accused of a crime, and Americans with a keen sense of what is fair are not happy with the party of the donkey.

Now, news comes from the Republican National Committee that the party is experiencing an infusion of cash and donors not seen to date in a midterm election year.

The Republican National Committee raised $56 million in the third quarter of 2018, including $26.2 million in September — a record amount for one month in a non-presidential election year, according to a new report.

The RNC’s third-quarter total is about 35 percent higher than the $41.5 million the party raised in the second quarter — and its total haul this cycle amounts to $269.9 million, Politico reported.

Republicans fighting to save their congressional majorities are sure to welcome the strong results amid their anxiety that they are being overwhelmed by Democratic money in House races.

The RNC brought in an extra $12 million as a result of 175,000 new online donors, the news outlet reported. RNC officials attributed the fundraising spike to the party’s network of 200,000 volunteers spread across 28 states.

That’s quite a haul for a midterm year – and a sign that the grassroots want to continue on the path forged by President Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. With the economy on the rebound, jobs being created, and many that we were told were gone forever returned to our shores with trade imbalances being brought back into line, the American people are once again plump in the pocket.

And it looks like the silent majority may just vote with it, too.

Does this mean Republicans will hang onto control of Congress? It may be too soon to tell, but the signs are looking good.

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