President Trump Sends Media Into A Frenzy With Use Of Force Comment


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Sometimes, you just have to take the bull by the horns and make it so. That is the approach President Donald Trump is taking with one aspect of the immigration mess that Congress refuses to address: asylum seekers making the claim at ports of entry at the border without iron clad proof.

Trump said his team was preparing an executive action that would restrict asylum claims to legal ports of entry, preventing undocumented migrants from claiming asylum if caught crossing the border illegally.

He said the measure was to address “rampant abuse” of the system but offered no details on how the order, which would inevitably face a legal challenge, would work. Current U.S. immigration laws allow anyone who arrives in the country, “whether or not at a designated port of arrival” to apply for asylum if they have a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country.

And that’s not all. The current caravan on its way to the southern border is full of people who have a history of throwing granite projectiles (rocks) at Mexican authorities. President Trump has a solution for this.

Trump also raised the prospect that U.S. troops could fire on members of the caravan should they reach the border.

Referring to reported clashes between security forces and the migrants as they crossed from Guatemala into Mexico, Trump said U.S. troops would fight back against any rocks being thrown at them.

“They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back,” the president told reporters. “I told them to consider it a rifle. When they throw rocks like what they did to the Mexican military and police, I say: Consider it a rifle.”

What can we say, the man is from Queens.

It is very obvious that this president wants nothing but the best for Americans and those who have emigrated legally and who are here on legitimate work visas. No American has a problem with this. It’s the ones who have no problem cheating the system Trump wants to be stopped.

How hard is this to understand.


  1. To the media you damn ass kissers.——– There was an ambush on the texas border one BP had his head crushed in and is dead and the other one is at the hospital –not sure if he will make it. So take you damn baby attitude and stick it. It was an AMBUSH DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. THERE IS OVER 300 GANG MEMBERS and you want to let these bastards in. Go and live out in Calif and see how long you can last. Take you damn tantrums and shut the hell up. Your nothing but cry babies.

    • I’m am in Barbara’s corner 1000% ! And to all those brain dead liberals…what do you want to bet that all the liberal politicians who are in favor of throwing the border doors open and let everybody in doesn’t have an illegal alien within 20 miles of where they live ! And to make a point crystal clear…these are NOT immigrants….they’re in fact INVADERS ! They are no different than any other people from any country entering our nation illegally ! I wonder what the liberals would say if a few thousand Russian, or a few thousand Chinese, or a few thousand Iranian “immigrants” showed up on our border ???

  2. Obama said we needed a civilian army before he was even elected (if he really was legally elected, I have my doubts about that but that’s water under the bridge now. He said we needed a civilian army that was just a well paid and just as well armed as our military. No one questioned why he thought we needed a civilian army. We have police for civilian problems after all. Anyway, I know exactly what that army was needed for and it wasn’t for our protection. In the mid 1970’s when they caught Bill Ayers and is Weather Underground Domestic Terrorist group that had been bombing, the Capital and Police Departments all over the country I read the Weather Underground’s Manifesto for the Communist New World Order. They planned to overthrow our Government with the help of other communist countries military men coming into America and fighting our military = Open Borders so they can walk right in. Start uprisings in the mid east countries to overthrow their Dictator’s and replace them with people they controlled = Arab Spring uprisings with the very first uprising starting in Tunisia. In 2011 on the news they showed citizen’s protesting in Tunisia. I see Bill Ayers’ wife Bernadine Dorhn, Valerie Jarrett and SEIU union president Andy Stern standing on the side of the street watching the first protest getting started and it brought back the memory of the manifesto saying they’d use union thugs to go among citizens in the mid east countries to cause unrest and get them protesting to get rid of whoever controlled the country. The union thugs would start the violence until the Dictator resigned or was forced out. That’s when I knew what Marxist Obama and the communist Democrat’s were really up to. Their New World Order plan. The manifesto was the first time I heard New World Order mentioned way back in the 1970’s and I forgot about the manifesto until seeing those three standing there watching the protest. Also, remember Obama’s Home Land Security buying over a billion hollow point bullets and when congress questioned why they were buying so much ammo they said it was for practice? Expensive hollow point ammo for practice? No way when they make cheap ammo for that. Then congress said they had bought enough ammo to fight a 24 year Iraqi type war! That ammo was for Obama’s Army that’s been walking over the Border and more on the way and President Trump knows why that caravan is coming with mostly young fit men and he has the 200 Generals and high ranking military men Obama fired or forced out of our military (so he could weaken our military)The Generals are helping Trump and they know what Obama and the Democrat’s are planning to do when they lose the election and can’t get back in power. They are going for broke because they know otherwise they’ll going to hang for treason!
    Get food and water in your houses and prepare for who knows what may happen soon! Remember Muslim’s also have at least 35 training camps in America too so we’ve got scary times ahead. God Bless America and protect the innocent.

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