Jim Acosta Finally Banned From The White House, Secret Service Takes His Press Pass!


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Well, it finally happened… Jim Acosta went a little too far at President Trump’s press conference Wednesday afternoon and got his punk card pulled in more ways that one…

At the President’s first press conference after the midterm elections, Jim Acosta was one of the first reporters to be called on by President Trump for a question. Of course in true Jim Acosta fashion, he didn’t ask a question, he began by mentioning the President making reference to the migrants coming from Honduras as an invasion, then started into telling the President that he knew it was not an invasion but a group of poor helpless people in need of our help.

Well, the President calmly stated to Jim Acosta that he believed it was an invasion and Acosta said no it’s not… The President still remaining calm said, “Because I consider it an invasion, you and I have a difference of opinion.”

Of course, Acosta continued accusing the President of demonizing immigrants and he and the President started to squabble over it… Well, Acosta began to squabble over it so the President got fed up with him and asked someone else a question. Acosta refused to shut up and when a White House intern that was passing the microphone around to reporters tried to take the microphone from Acosta, he pushed her off…

President Trump, just sort of walked away from the podium until Acosta turned the microphone over to someone else. When the President stepped back to the podium he laid into Acosta admonishing him for being rude and telling him that CNN should be ashamed he works for them.

CNN has actually defended Jim Acosta’s actions but Sara Sanders sent out the following series of Tweets shortly after the incident:

This was followed by the announcement that Jim Acosta’s press pass was being pulled until further notice as mentioned in another Tweet from the Press Secretary:

Of course, Jim Acosta being the arrogant jerk he is just had to make an attempt to get on the White House grounds and filmed the Secret Service refusing him entry and taking his Press pass, then released the video in the following Tweet:

The White House Correspondents Association, that group that invited Sara Sanders to be their Guest of Honor at their annual banquet then unleashed a vulgar, nasty, rude person impersonating a comic to eviscerate her, issued a statement in his defense as well and said in part:

“Journalists may use a range of approaches to carry out their jobs and the WHCA does not police the tone or frequency of the questions its members ask of powerful senior government officials, including the President,” the association said. “Such interactions, however uncomfortable they may appear to be, help define the strength of our national institutions. We urge the White House to immediately reverse this weak and misguided action.”

To be fair Jim Acosta was not the only one to get out of line… Damn near the entire press pool conducted themselves more like a gang of inmates than reporters who should ask questions and report on the answers they receive… Debating the President or the Press Secretary is NOT what a journalist should be doing… If they don’t like or agree with his answer, then report it that way.

Like the President pointed out to Acosta in the beginning, the two of them have a different opinion and view of the migrant caravan… Sorry, Jim… A lot of American’s agree with President Trump whether you and your liberal friends like it or not!

Personally, I’m glad they took his pass and hope they never give it back… The guy is a total jerk and he distracts from those who want to ask questions and report on the answers they receive instead of interrupting the entire press pool to make their point of view known.

Here is the press conference video starting with Jim Acosta… Have a look and judge for yourself…


For those interested in how the liberal King Obama reacted to a similar, but not nearly as abrupt and rude interruption, here is a reminder… Guess who took the beating from the press afterward…



  1. Some things, unfortunately, just have to be done. This one SHOULD have been done a long time ago. Next ban CNN entirely from access until they get their act together, and agree to verify reports, and not try to MAKE news out of nothing but their own desires about what should be.

  2. It’s called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Other reporters were wanting to ask questions. He was singled out because CNN ask the hard questions and trump doesn’t like it. Trump has said before that he would like reporters to report things the way “he” wants them reported. Now what kind of freedom of the press would that be. That would be the Russia or North Korean kind now wouldn’t it.

    • BullShit, jimmy does nothing for the Press Corps and should have had his credentials pulled a long time ago. He is nothing but a self centered jackass and wants to be in the lime light 24/7 so now he’s set the standards of how LOW can the press settle into the sewer and you can’t outdo the commie not news network. He GOT his JUST REWARDS.

  3. He is very lucky they didn’t just take him to jail! He could have been charged with interfering with the government, and assault on an aide.

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