Larry King Slams CNN, Claims They Gave Up Doing Real News


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You know you’ve gone off the “news” reservation when professional gossip monger Larry King tells a foreign news service that you stopped doing news a long time ago. That’s just what happened when the seasoned television personality talked to RT:

Could you imagine cable news in Watergate? And they don’t do news anymore. In fact, RT is one of the few channels doing news. RT does news. CNN stopped doing news a long time ago. They do Trump. Fox is Trump TV and MSNBC is anti-Trump all the time. You don’t see a story — there was vicious winds and storms in the Northeast the other day – not covered on any of the three cable networks, not covered. Not covered! So when CNN started covering Trump — they were the first — they covered every speech he made and then they made Trump the story. So, Trump is the story in America. I would bet that ninety-eight percent of all Americans mention his name at least once a day. And when it’s come to that, when you focus on one man, I know Donald 40 years — I know the good side of Donald and I know the bad side of Donald — I think he would like to be a dictator. I think he would love to be able to just run things. So, he causes a lot of this. Then his fight with the media and fake news. I’ve been in the media a long time, like you — longer than you, Rick. And at all my years at CNN, in my years at Mutual Radio, I have never seen a conversation where a producer said to a host “pitch the story this way. Angle it that way. Don’t tell the truth.” Never saw it. Never saw it.

And yet, that is what seems to have happened. CNN and most of the rest of the “news” media do little else than parrot a single set of talking points day after day.

They have stopped doing news.

And if we had had cable during Watergate, maybe Washington Post owner Kay Graham would not have gotten her bosom caught in a ringer.


  1. Wait a minute Larry, you blame the President, for this vitriol, yet you don’t excoriate the Press for their unrelenting attacks on the President. And Trump is the ONLY guy who stands up and doesn’t take it. So let’s be FAIR Larry ! Trump doesn’t want to be a dictator, he want’s to get things done ! And he does get things done !

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