Houston Texas Judge Shocks City By Giving Everyone The Same Sentence The Day After Losing Reelection!


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Elections have consequences. We hear that all the time. They sure do, and when a Republican judge in Houston got bounced in last week’s Midterms in favor of his Democrat challenger, he had a unique way of telling the world, this is what you want? Here you go!

A day after Judge Glenn Devlin of Houston lost his reelection bid, he released nearly all of the juvenile defendants who appeared before him, as long as they answered no when he asked if they planned to kill anyone.

Devlin, one of the 59 Republican jurists in Harris County who was replaced by Democrats, allegedly said: “This is obviously what the voters wanted,” when he released juveniles who have been charged with a wide range of crimes, according to ABC 10.

It is not known how many juveniles were released, but the number, according to the outlet, is at least seven — four of whom faced aggravated robbery charges.

Judge Devlin also rescheduled all of the cases to be heard during the first week of January, which is when Democrat Natalia Oakes will take the bench. Such a reaction appears to be intentional. “‘If I release you, will you go out and murder anybody?’And so, if the juvenile said no, they were released,” public defender Steve Halpert told KTRK-TV about the hearing. “Judge Devlin would never normally ask that question of a juvenile. This was unusual.”

Unusual doesn’t begin to explain it, and the prosecutors in Houston claim to be befuddled with this decision.

However, the judge’s point is not lost on court watchers who know exactly what happens when Democrats end up on the bench and either become activists or try to legislate from the bench. The rule of law goes by the wayside. Judge Devlin just gave his successor a head start in the destruction.



  1. why not, they do that in CaliFOREIGNia and it seems those families that moved to Texas from CaliFOREIGNia to escape the crap in the state has brought it with them… Texas as much as I have a disdain for the state,I wish the conservatives good luck.. you will need it…
    states that are the result of CaliFOREIGNia’s migratory practice of socialism… Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and soon to be Texas…

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